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Desperate for car seat adaptors for John Lewis pram aka Baby weavers verso/My Child Mezzo

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louisdog Mon 29-Oct-12 14:57:21

I have a 3 months old baby and bought her John Lewis travel system in their sale in January this year. Little did I know that it was impossible to get maxi-cosi adaptors for it, argh! I worked out that it was a re-badged Babyweavers Verso/My Child Mezzo and did order a set online three times from three different retailers but they all said it was out of stock/discontinued.

I have been scouring Ebay and even trying to find listings for the pram and see if the seller will sell me the adaptors separately but no joy.

Now I have found Kiddisave and Bradmore listing them again but ordered with Kiddisave a week ago and no dispatch and they aren't answering their phones but I suspect the same thing has happened.

Anyway sorry for the long ramble, I am v frustrated and clearly somewhat obsessed, I have ended up buying a Quinny Zapp off Ebay just for the wheels but now I am carrying two sets of wheels everywhere! Really want to be able to put the car seat onto my pram.

So, does anyone have any ideas please? I wonder if the model is sold under a different name that I haven't discovered yet, or could be available abroad or anything?

Thanks for any advice you can offer...

Tiggywunkle Mon 29-Oct-12 21:15:30

Have you tried Kooltrade in Manchester? They distributed these brands and if anyone can help, they should be able to. Otherwise it's going to be a case of trawling EBay etc.

louisdog Tue 06-Nov-12 17:25:56

Thanks very much for the reply. I have now managed to contact Kooltrade who have advised that the adaptors do not exist, sob! But at least I can stop scouring Ebay etc in vain.


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