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Baby jogger versa

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SpannerPants Sun 28-Oct-12 14:28:53

Hi, I think I've finally decided that I'm going to get one of these but I was wondering if there is anything else around which I should look at first?

My budget is around £400, would prefer the option of parent facing, needs to be easy to steer with an adjustable handle and have a reasonable basket. It's for my 15 month old who is 25th centile for weight/height.

We had a baby jogger city mini but DP doesn't like the handle as it makes his wrists hurt. We both like the versa, and I quite like the babystyle oyster as well (which is quite a bit cheaper but have heard that build quality isn't as good?)

Does anyone have a versa yet? Would you recommend it?

Ihateparties Sun 28-Oct-12 18:12:31

I have one that I haven't used yet but it looks fantastic (got a really good price through quidco/boots with cashback and points etc. but it is currently in hiding due to the volume of other pushchairs currently here!) The fold is easy, the unfold less easy ie not one handed like the fold is, the basket seems to unhook at the front at some point during the folding or unfolding process, will see how this goes over time. Basket is huuuuuge. Seat is huge, the hood is excellent, love the extending footrest. It is not small (neither is it massive) but if you are okay with the size then I can see it being a long term option. It feels extremely solid. My gut feeling is it's a keeper for me, which is fairly rare.

Tiggy on here has one that she has actually used so perhaps some more useful info wink

Re the Oyster I had one through recently and although it has some really good points it didn't really work for me. The seat is miles smaller but then the overall package is smaller so depends what you most want really. The chassis seemed really sturdy, not enough suspension for my liking, wheels okay, steering fine, seat is not great, a bit slumpy neither lies flat nor sits really upright.

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