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Fed up of bulky buggy-but have 5 steps to front door. Which pushchair now?

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Tricccky Sun 28-Oct-12 12:34:47

Hi. I have 2 DS who, the youngest is just one. The eldest mostly walks but for longer journeys we use our P&T. We've had another single buggy which have used with a buggy board, for nursery runs and out and about to shops etc. It has big back wheels, has served us well, but just feels too bulky nowadays, shopping basket is rubbish and in general I've had enough of it and want something new. I use public transport a lot and my bigger buggy has always been a bit of a pain tbh. I must be able to put a buggy board on new one. I was thinking of getting an umbrella fold, maclaren type. However, I have 6 steps up to my front door. Can anyone suggest a good not-too bulky pushchair, which can take a buggy board, which will cope going up and down stairs? My budget is about £100 but I am also happy to buy second hand.

Thank you

HiccupHaddockHorrendous Sun 28-Oct-12 16:40:02

Have you looked at a micralite? They have big back wheels and small front wheels. I had one when ds was about 2 and it was brilliant for getting up and down the steps at tube stations and my 1st floor flat. I believe they have brought out a buggy board to fit aswell and there is a new double due out but not yet available.

Tricccky Sun 28-Oct-12 18:55:34

Thanks Hiccup. Have looked - certainly light but bulkier when folded than I'd like. I need something that will go into the store cupboard at nursery easily and that grannies can cope with - which points to umbrella fold I think. Or possibly a Baby Jogger type.

mummy1234321 Sun 28-Oct-12 22:50:17

I wouldn't count on Baby Jogger - glider board doesn't work with my City Mini at all and GT version didn't look any better in my local store sad. My toddler is very uncomfortable on the board and I get a horrible backache.

Tiggywunkle Mon 29-Oct-12 21:22:57

Someone mentioned they had moved their BJCM hood down a socket to the belly bar socket and their daughter could stand on the glider board much better. It may be worth a try?

helebear Mon 29-Oct-12 21:52:17

I have a maclaren triumph, which I regularly either bump up & down the 7 steps to our front door (with or without dd in) or I can pick the whole thing up with her in & carry her up/down. And it has a strap so at a push i can carry it over one shoulder when folded & hold dds hand on the other side to go up/down steps. I've had it for about 9 months & it's coping well with this treatment! I think it was about £100. Not sure if it can take a buggy board or not. It's good on buses too. Only thing I prefer about my bigger buggy is I can load it up with shopping more & push it more easily with one hand.

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