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Double push chair weight issue, help!!!

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francohoops Thu 25-Oct-12 22:00:43

Our 2nd baby is due in Jan. We already have a 2.5 y/o and have just purchased the Britax, B-Dual double pushchair.
Our issue is that our 2.5 y/old is 17kg, and the recommended max weight on the B-Dual is 15kg!
What should we do? We love the B-Dual but if it won’t take the weight of our son and newborn then it obviously isn’t suitable.
Has anyone had a similar issue, or have any recommendations? We don’t want to spend a fortune as our son won’t be in the pushchair for long as he’s a great walker.
Thanks in advance

Tiggywunkle Thu 25-Oct-12 22:05:15

I believe that UK pushchairs are tested to a minimum of one and a half times the weight stated plus pushchairs in the UK only have to be tested to costs a lot of money to test beyond that and manufacturers dont need that extra certification to put pushchairs up for sale.

Given you already have the B-Dual I suggest you use it now in single mode and work out whether you feel confident using it (a small newborn isn't going to make much difference for the first 6 months). I personally have used the B-Dual with a similar weight child and large baby and I was fine - but that was my decision. Do what you feel is right.

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