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Help needed Baby Jogger Select vs Britax B Dual

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Rachelbow Thu 25-Oct-12 17:41:57

After lots of research online I have narrowed my search down to the Baby Jogger Select and Britax B Dual. However I can not find anywhere that has either of them in store to try.
Here is my situation:
My DD will be 20 months when the next one arrives late dec/early jan, she has only just started walking properly in the past month, she will be in nursery for 3 half days a week so I need something that converts into a single for when i have the LO on their own.
If anyone has had experience of either I would love your opinion. Thanks in advance.

Tiggywunkle Thu 25-Oct-12 21:23:18

Core to the answer is what do you do with a pushchair? Where do you go? Have you got a town with nice dropped kerbs, or do you have lots of kerbs? Do you have uneven pavements? Are there any cambers?
Are your children light or heavy?

I have a 21 month age gap and I loved my BJCS - until it became too heavy to push. My town was easy to navigate with lots of dropped kerbs, but the BJCS is not the easiest pushchair to get up kerbs. Cambers can make it hard to control. It lasted us 10 months. The B-Dual lasted us longer but I really wasn't keen on the seating position of the children. If you can afford it the Peach Blossom 2 is far better but which of the other two really does depend on your terrain. The B-Dual is the safe bet though but if you said you tend to use shopping malls, then the BJCS may well work well.
Look also at the Smyths Dimples Duo and the Jane Twone.
I really would try to see them IRL.

Ihateparties Thu 25-Oct-12 22:58:15

The dimples duo is fairly big but it's my favourite thing of the above mentioned for the children's seating positions. I really loved having the baby facing me and the toddler facing forwards underneath, also the fact you don't need any extra accessories to make it newborn suitable is nice.

Currently have a Twone which I love because it's small and light but the seats really are very close. Depends what you priorities are... I'm too cheap for a PB2!

milk Fri 26-Oct-12 10:44:13

I have the BJCS smile I have a 19mo and a 3wo. I like it as both children are comfortable (especially with 19mo in his carrycot), however it is very long!

Tiggywunkle Fri 26-Oct-12 17:42:33

Being fair though, the BJCS is only long in carrycot mode. When in two seat mode, even with the seats facing each other, its still shorter than a P&Ts and with both seats forward facing, the seats fit really neatly inside what is a small chassis for a tandem.

mummy1234321 Sun 28-Oct-12 12:02:24

I had to choose between B-dual and BJCS. I got BJCS in the end - a lot more expensive but more options and looks much better. My toddler hated being on the bottom seat not seeing much and I wanted to see the baby, so B-dual was no option. Also B-dual doesn't have proper footrest for older child and I don't think you can get a snack tray which was a must for us. I prefer hand brake (BJCS) to a foot brake (B-dual). On the other hand I don't like carseat adapters for BJCS - I wish you could just clip the car seat on the frame like with Britax buggy.
I wouldn't suggest getting BJCS if you are very short as it's hard to lift it up the kerb. That was the reason my friend chose Mountain Buggy Duet as she wasn't able to lift my BJCS with my children in up the kerb.

Stokey Wed 31-Oct-12 15:41:00

So we maybe a bit weird, but my toddler loves going in the bottom of the Britax. We tend to have it set up in a non-standard way with baby facing me on top and nearly 3 y old on bottom. She tends to get in and out a bit, and I find the baby is happier on top. Dd1 sometimes goes on top at which point I have it forward facing, but it is very easy to change the top seat from front to back. She doesn't mind the lack of foot rest, she sits with her legs crossed. The only thing I find a bit of a faff is changing the muff from top to bottom, and when its on the top, it does kind of block the view from the bottom. But dd1 normally only gets in when she wants to snuggle down so doesn't mind not seeing out.

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