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Travel system all terrain

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mummy1234321 Sat 20-Oct-12 18:49:41

My sister is due in February and she needs to choose a buggy. She wants to buy horrible bulky monster-pram and I'm trying to convince her to look for something else but I need to give her options.
It has to be all terrain as there's no pavements where she lives so it's off-road every day.
It has to be all in one with carrycot and car seat option.
Lightweight (means no more than 12kg please) and easy to steer, parent facing.
Also compact as they have VW Golf and Nissan Micra.
Her husband is very tall and she's very average so definitely well regulated handle bar.
Please don't recommend Stokke or Bugaboo cause price has to be reasonable too (I don't know if they can handle all terrain anyway)
I was thinking about Baby Jogger City Versa GT but not sure how it will work with no suspension even though it has GT wheels.
Skywalker June is also an option but not sure as it is a new product and of course more expensive.
My sister lives abroad but most of pushchairs on British market are available to buy there too.
I appreciate any ideas and help.

Tiggywunkle Sat 20-Oct-12 19:11:05

I don't have time right now to reply but just to say the BJC Versa GT does have suspension on the front wheels. I hope to come back later and reply.

Ihateparties Sat 20-Oct-12 21:18:39

Whatever it is that is the answer to this question - I want it!

I want to know whether a normal versa or gt versa would be better on a lot of uneven surfaces. I would previously have assumed air tyres all the way but having recently tried something with air tyres and no suspension (that I could find anyway) I'm changing my approach a bit.

mummy1234321 Sat 20-Oct-12 21:26:16

Ihateparties - good point I was thinking about it too. My BJCS has forever air tyres and suspension in the front wheels but it's horrible on uneven surface. I was fearing Versa GT would be the same.

MoonlightandWerewolves Sat 20-Oct-12 21:32:40

The Nipper 360 OutN'About is v.good off road (we have to take ours over fields and have also taken it on sand no problem) and lightweight (7kg) - not suitable for newborn though as doesn't lie fully flat.
However, also not madly expensive we used a sling/pram for the early months and then moved onto the Nipper.

Ihateparties Sat 20-Oct-12 22:34:52

The nipper is not a bad idea, there is a carrycot now so it can be a newborn pram. You wouldn't get parent facing beyond that stage but this does seem to be a bit of an issue with genuine terrain prams anyway. Under 12kg is not unreasonable. Price vs quality can be a difficult one, quality varies considerably and where price is mostly indicative it isn't always.

I really did think that Air tyres would beat suspension but it turned out my pram with good suspension but EVA wheels is better than the air tyre no visible suspension thing I tried (that I remain unconvinced really doesn't have it, it seems unfeasible, I can't help feeling I just missed it somehow).

Currently quizzing a Versa owner but hard to compare seeing as no one has a GT versa yet.

peanutMD Sun 21-Oct-12 00:41:55 currently have the Jane Unlimit with raincover and car seat for £457.

It is lightweight (ish) and has reversible seat unit suitable from birth, might bee worth a look smile

Kahlua4me Sun 21-Oct-12 00:47:11

Land rover pushchair would fit the bill in all but rear facing. Very easy to steer on any terrain.

Best one we ever had!

mummy1234321 Sun 21-Oct-12 12:33:41

Thank you for your posts.
I was looking at Jane Unlimit but I heard it's not very durable and brakes after few months, carrycot is short and hood is very shallow. Does anyone tried one of these? It sounds very good and weights only 8kg as a stroller.
I forgot to mention it has to be 4 wheeler, so Land Rover and Nipper is out of criteria :/
One of the ladies said that June is not very good as it has small canopy, small shopping basket with poor access, changing seat unit direction takes too much time and you can't steer it using one hand. She had problems going down the stairs and using escalator cause the brake would hit the step. She said it's not the easiest to lift up the kerb. I'm translating from polish though so you won't find this review anywhere. Anyone else with any experience?
I'm still left with Versa for now...Anyone knows when is the blue version coming out and is it available in Europe? I might sell my sister on the colour - she loves blue.
To give you an idea what my sister wants to buy follow this:
or this one (unfortunately not in English)
any thoughts? hmm

forevergreek Sun 21-Oct-12 15:42:13

What about the mountain buggy? Has carrycot, and you can now buy versa adapters so the seat is parent facing ( on certain ones)

mummy1234321 Sun 21-Oct-12 17:44:46

I checked mountain buggy parent facing seat and it's only up to 9kg, so for example my 11 month old son would be too heavy - not the best option :/

Ihateparties Sun 21-Oct-12 19:13:25

Also they're all 3 wheelers.

This is a really hard question. Tiggy has a June so should maybe be able to give you a fuller update shortly on how she is finding it. She also has the non GT versa.

I'm a bit stuck to be honest. I heard some not great things about the unlimit too and I struggle to believe it's really 8kg as a stroller.

Why o why didn't they put rear suspension on the gt versa. Or just do the gt wheels as an option, it's so daft you have to choose one or the other.

Tiggywunkle Sun 21-Oct-12 19:50:10

How about an Easywalker Qtro. I had one and it's far easier to manoeuvre than the June. I have been struggling to handle my June and thought it was because the tyres weren't correctly inflated, but saving checked they certainly weren't far off but I will give them the benefit of the doubt and will try again this week.
The seat change round on the June seemed fiddly at first but I can now do it in seconds. In reality most people wouldn't swap constantly anyway - most people would have a pushchair parent facing until they or their child wanted to face the other way. So I don't see this as a deal breaker.
The basket isnt great to access. I can't get my handbag under. Again not a deal breaker but I am going to have to get some bag clips to stop my bag sliding down the handle.
Yes it's hard to tip up kerbs but only parent facing and it does depend on you. I can do it easily but I am used to tipping tandem pushchairs up kerbs so the June isn't a problem for me - but it is for DH. I find it easier to tip the June on the move ie walk and tip rather than stopping.
The advantages are the fab parent facing fold - my main reason for keeping my rickety Bee, the neatness - it looks and feels small, olds neatly and stands against a wall. It seems really comfy for my children and I LOVE how the hood slides away. The hood is actually tall and a good size. It comes down a long way at the front.
I have to say I fell out with my Bugaboo Bee several times when I first got it and I have a love hate relationship with it. So I think it's still early days for me with the June. It's certainly not the easiest pushchair ever...but I don't find the Bugaboo Bee the easiest either.

Have you seen the new TFK 4 wheel pushchair? TFKs are brilliant pushchairs and easier to get in Europe. They do a parent facing seat called a Multi X.

I have to say I am appreciating the Versa. It's so well designed, top spec at a decent price. I believe the GTs arrive this week so we should have a better idea then of the difference between the Versa and the Versa GT. When I tried the Versa GT it did feel hard suspension wise though - I noticed it and I am not usually fussy! I have taken my Versa off road and it was pretty good with the front wheels locked (and even without). There is no sign of the blue colour coming to the UK at present but it might go to Europe. But they won't be out until next Spring first in the US anyway.

Tiggywunkle Sun 21-Oct-12 19:52:56

The Maxi Cosi Mura has one of the nicest seats I have ever seen for a child and it's good to push although on the heavy side. It's large folded and the basket access is poor but if I had the space I would get another.

crackcrackcrak Sun 21-Oct-12 19:54:50

You can put a rear facing seat on a Phil and teds now. I've ordered the dot pushchair which is all terrain and smaller and lighter. I have high hopes!

Ihateparties Sun 21-Oct-12 20:44:06

I think the p and t parent facing seat is the same as the MB one, so fixed semi recline angle and 9kg weight limit?? I didn't think it fitted on the dot either but I could be wrong about all of these things!

I can't believe I forgot the TFK X4 - it looks fab and does do everything you want. The downside I can see at the moment is potentially having to import one. They may be coming over here though, I only did a quick google the other day, it's definitely worth a look smile

crackcrackcrak Sun 21-Oct-12 22:02:46

Ah crap. I think you're right about that. I think I ended up compromising because I'm scared a navigator won't fit in the boot dammit.

In that case it's def not all terrain but I'm v impressed with my zapp extra for being v light and small with revile and rear facing grin

mummy1234321 Mon 22-Oct-12 00:01:15

I was trying to find something about TFK X4 but my German is very poor and nothing in English. Do you have any website with more info?
Easywalker Qtro - looks great but I can't find anything saying it's parent facing :/

Tiggywunkle Mon 22-Oct-12 01:14:30

The Qtro will only be parent facing with the carrycot or car seat.

There isnt much on the Joggster X4 - we only spotted it this week:

But there are reviews around on the Joggster Twist which is the 3 wheel version (the older ones have a silver chassis). I have had a Joggster Twist and the double version (Twinner Twist) and I have to say TFK products are superb. I sold my Joggster Twist to a pram expert who has had every off roader there is, and she thinks its the best she has ever had. They are well thought out, sturdy pushchairs with fairly neat folds and I wouldn't be afraid to buy the X4 blind as such. It appears to be very similar to the Joggster Twist with zip reclines, lift up adjustable footrest, the beautifully padded fabrics, bumper bar, handbrake etc.

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