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I've bought a Maclaren - but I hate it. Does anyone want to swap?!

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Edofthe13prams Thu 18-Oct-12 19:12:34

It's brand new, haven't even had the baby yet, and all I've done is take it out of the box.
The thing is I got it months ago - and I can't return it. It's mostly the colour I hate - it's red, on a grey frame - that's all they had in Mothercare when I got it.
But I've also realised I hate the harness catch (it's the roundy one, I liked the old style clip ones).
And I keep seeing really nice buggies on ebay and in other shops, and wishing I hadn't got it!
I could bung it on ebay but I find ebay pretty I thought I'd ask if anyone is interested in a swapsie. smile

I'm quite interested in the BJCM, but will consider anything really that's lightweight. I already have several a pram suitable from birth, I kept ds2's old ones - so this is the replacement for the old maclaren we used for when we needed something light.

Anyway not sure if anyone will be interested but worth a try!

ihearttc Thu 18-Oct-12 20:18:23

If you haven't used it and have still got the box then take it back to Mothercare and they will either give exchange it for you...and then you could put the money towards the BJCM.

I worked for Mothercare for ages (and I know they get slated on MN!) but honestly we had people bringing in prams and pushchairs all the time that they'd changed their minds over. As long as it's not been used outside it should be fine.

It doesn't matter that it was months ago either(at least it wouldn't have done in our store)...people often buy things months in advance when pregnant so we always used to exchange for the customers.

For what its worth Ive got a Maclaren that I absolutely love-wouldn't be without it but my little boy is nearly 2 and I had another pram when he was small.

Edofthe13prams Thu 18-Oct-12 20:41:50

Oh really? Well who knew smile

Might be worth a try then. Thankyou smile

ihearttc Fri 19-Oct-12 10:32:12 problem at all! You honestly wouldn't believe the stuff that we have had brought back so changing mind about a pushchair is actually quite normal if that makes sense!

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