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Where do I start!?

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tinyeyes123 Thu 18-Oct-12 12:12:38

We're off to the hell that is the Baby Show next weekend with a view to getting the pushchair sorted. I've been looking online at Which? reviews but ones on their best buy list seem to get pooh poohed (e.g. M&P Sola & Urbo) on here. Ideally we don't want to spend more than £500 but can do if something's perfect. I prefer the look of 4-wheelers. Will need it for getting around London (have a car but will be on buses and tube on occasions). Looks-wise, the Joolz Day is gorgeous and the Mutsy Evo seems ok (fabric might look better in real life but on the internet it looks a bit cheap). DH is 6ft5 so needs to be something he won't look ridiculous pushing.
Hit me with your suggestions please lovely ladies!

Tiggywunkle Thu 18-Oct-12 12:46:04

The Mutsy Evo fabric is good quality in real life. In fact its surprising given the price tag.

Look also at the two Uppababy pushchairs - the Vista and Cruz. Look at the iCandy's - Cherry, Apple, Peach and Strawberry (although the latter will be pushing the budget. Look at the Bugaboo Bee, Cameleon, as you say the Joolz Day. Also the Baby Jogger Versa. The Versa would be useful if you need to fold it.
Try to see things that you wont usually see in Mothercare or Mamas and Papas!
My best piece of advice is to look beyond the carrycot stage and see whether when you have a crawling 9-10 month old baby who is heavy, plus a changing bag, whether you think you could get it onto the tube or bus where you live...and consider whether you would need to fold it or carry it...and if so, how you will do it. Also consider whether you may be better buying something just for the first 6 months (which I think is a waste of money but people do it!) and then swapping to something smaller - in which case you may wish to get something like a Baby Jogger City Mini from the start.

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