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Which maclaren? Help! Large toddler!

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WhenYouHearThatFireAlarm Tue 16-Oct-12 23:54:33

Dd2 is 27 months. She is 99th centile every which way! Twice daily scoot to dd1's school, this is exactly 15 mins each way at a brisk scoot pace, I have to jog/ speed walk to keep up and have her on toddler leash for safety, but I still could do with buggy for.... Naps when out, she is a good sleeper, prob all the manic scooting action, when it gets too icy to scoot, she will not be able walk required twice daily even at her pace, also buggy still useful for shopping and in city mayb once or twice a week. Got rid phil and teds, not nippy for getting in car/bus etc, got micralite fastfold but she just looks squished and her arms hung out when she was dozing off other day and that kept waking her up! But indo love it but Will sell this but for which maclaren? Fancy an xlr, is the seat bigger than techno? Is the foot boot long enough? They seem nice and sturdy but everyone round here has phil n teds, bugaboo or baby jogger, some mac quests.....what's wrong with an xt or xlr?!?!

justalilmummy Wed 17-Oct-12 00:04:50

I bought an xt after my ds grew out of he's obaby stroller. The seat is wider than an average stroller and also the hood is taller. My ds sat nicely in it and he is very tall up until he turned 3 when he didn't want to go in it anymore but he still fit in it, also lays flat for naps. I never has an for so I dont know what it's like. I defiantly recomenda Maclaren

justalilmummy Wed 17-Oct-12 00:05:49

Never had an xlr I mean silly

WhenYouHearThatFireAlarm Wed 17-Oct-12 17:44:00

Update! Tried dd2 in the quest.... Feet nearly on floor! Bear in mind she only just 27 months.... The techno wasn't bad actually but she seems v tall in it and head was above the seat the xlr I was hoping would be much better but little or no room for growth, head seemed at limit of backrest already and couldn't fit feet in foot boot with shoes on comfortably, am back to square one, or keeping the micralite! Tried it again and she has comfy head rest with room to grow an inch or two if still in buggy by then but legs dangle a bit and still squished but I guess the seat fabrics moves to allow shoulders in.....just lacks cosy look of the xlr! Any fans of the xlr out there can sell it to me to help decide whether to go back to mothercare or not? They are in stock near me and on spesh offer. Cheaper than a baby jogger also.

DesperatelySeekingSedatives Wed 17-Oct-12 19:24:24

Had 2 XLRs- one each for my children and I love them!

DD who is now 5 and tall for her age (heavy too) could fit in her's comfortably til she was nearer 4 than 3- buggy was important on the nursery run as it was the only way to gurantee I'd get to work on time!

Loved it so much I bought another one for DS and used the carrycot when he was tiny. DD's had been heavily used, abused and was pink. And I thought DS deserved a nice new shiny buggy.

It's durable, the seat is massive and the cosytoe is surprisingly roomy. DD could squeeze into it at 3!

I'm not a buggy expert though so there might be better. But I'd go for an XLR everytime.

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