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Help me choose the right double (or single with buggy board)

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I need either a double or a sturdy single that can take an equally sturdy buggy board and not me a nightmare to push.

Children will be 1xnewborn and 1x4/5yo (has SN, but at school, and refuses to walk, no physical issues. (Fx 4/5yo will be walking, but can't guarantee it)

What I need is:
A sturdy single or a sturdy double that can take a much older child on occasion.
Can fit a car seat

What I'd like is:
a rear facing option.
Adjustable handle height (I'm tall)

In an idea world I'd like:
4 chunky wheels (all terrain if possible)
The option of a carrycot.

Folded size is not an issue.
If I go for a single what is a good option for a buggyboard that I'm not going to wack my shins on?
Would also have to consider the height of child on buggyboard and where their head would be in relation to handle.

I like the silver cross freeway, but from experience have learnt that they don't take a buggyboard very well and handle is in way of child's head.

What do you think my options are?

saggybaps Sun 14-Oct-12 08:26:56

I've got a bugaboo chameleon, with a board on. Very sturdy. Does the job for me.

saggy was thinking cameleon with the all terrain add on wheels.
How do you find it to push with the bb on? What are curbs like?

Tiggywunkle Sun 14-Oct-12 08:57:45

If you can compromise then the Mountain Buggy +One could well work. I have my 2 year old parent facing (not safety approved) but a newborn can be parent facing. You need to have a good read up on it though and be sure you understand how it works. It's a 3 wheeler but I don't usually like 3 wheelers but it's been fab.

Tiggywunkle Sun 14-Oct-12 09:00:04

If you have time to wait ie until spring, the Oyster Max would meet all your criteria. Babystyle would emphasise that the Max is tested up to 15kgs but my tall 4 year old has been riding around fine in it. She fitted fine in the too seat of the Twone too.

Tiggywunkle Sun 14-Oct-12 09:00:48

Sorry I didn't spot the all terrain tyres :S

Tiggywunkle Sun 14-Oct-12 09:02:17

TFK Joggster Twist with Buddyseat and Multi X as long as your eldest won't play with the wheels as there are no guards. My LO was fascinated by the wheels do it didn't work for us.

tiggywunkle in the oyster max, would the older child go on the higher seat?

I'm not sure about the fiddling with the wheels, I would err on the side of caution and say I expect so.

I'm not keen on the mountain buggy plus1. I'm not so convinced with 3-wheelers, as I've had a few tipping incidents with a Jane 360 and a urban detour but I know some are more secure than others.

Random question, is there a seat that goes on the bugaboo buggy board?

Nahla321 Sun 14-Oct-12 12:13:37

I would go for a mountain buggy and a carrycot as it would suit all your needs, it has nice chunky tires and it is very sturdy. It is designed to suit older children as well as the seats are large enough to carry a 4/5 year old. It is fairly big but I don't think you can go wrong with it.

forevergreek Sun 14-Oct-12 16:02:22

i would think the bugaboo cameleon would work well with a board.
its study so the weight on the board will be fine. takes carrycot and a car seat.

the handle on the bugaboo goes up rather high (probably one of the highest i have seen). you higher the handle and the child stands so their head is in front of the handle, so they are standing straight and you dont have to lean over them. you say you are fairly tall anyway so the handle may already be set on the higher setting

i also find pushing the bugaboo single with board is a hell of a lot lighter than doubles i have tried. i would recommend the actually bugaboo board as it only has one rear wheel allowing you to walk alongside the wheel on one side (if that makes sense)

forevergreek Sun 14-Oct-12 16:09:57

oh yes and in answer to your question yes you can get a seat to go on bugaboo board

i believe you use the bugaboo board as usual, and buy an extra called a 'twoo'!.

Ihateparties Sun 14-Oct-12 21:17:26

You need an old bugaboo board to fit a twoo seat on but there are plenty second hand so wouldn't be a problem.

I think your criteria looks quite difficult. If you think your 4/5yo is going to need to ride the majority of the time I would look at some sort of mountain buggy side by side double, the baby can then have a carrycot, the only thing you are missing then is the longer term parent facing option. A baby jogger city mini gt would also do the same job.

I did like a bugaboo with their own board, walked to the side as someone above said and it did seem lighter to push than any tandem I have had. The problem for you with the bugaboo option is your elder one will never be able to use the pushchair, only ever the buggyboard as the carrycot and seat fabrics both attach to the same frame, you can't swap between the two without a whole load of faffing about taking fabrics on and off. Unless you buy a spare frame (I did this).

A lot of buggyboards don't have very high weight limits, I don't really know how far you can stretch them either. Ah, one more thought - an easywalker sky or qtro (the sky def takes a carrycot, the qtro I'm not sure but you'd prefer the 4 wheels) with their own air tyre buggyboard? Have never tried it but always quite fancied a go, the air tyre board seems like a fab idea.

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