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Bugaboo footmuff - opinions?

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needsadviceplease Sat 13-Oct-12 09:36:16

DS is 5mo and I have a bee+

I'm looking to buy a footmuff. I've had a quick look on ebay and tbh I'm reluctant to pay £50 or more for a second-hand one - I'd almost prefer to cough up £90 for a new one! (Stupid..? But if I can apparently recoup that much maybe it's not so bad.)

Is the bugaboo footmuff significantly better than a generic footmuff? Does anywhere sell them cheaper than John Lewis?


femmeaufoyer Sat 13-Oct-12 19:33:05

I can't give you a comparison between a generic footmuff as I've only used the Bugaboo one. But I think it's great, it's lovely and warm and washes brilliantly. It does seem to fit better in forward-facing than rear-facing. I like the fact that you can completely unzip the top part if the weather turns warmer, this is useful because it is a faff to get it have to undo the straps at the back and feed them through the seat, so i put it on when the weather goes cold and leave it on. And I agree that as they go for so much second-hand you may as well buy new. And as your DS is only 5 months, you'll get loads of use from it.

needsadviceplease Sun 14-Oct-12 06:00:56

Thanks! That's all good to know and exactly what I wanted to hear

How badly does it fit if rearfacing? Am definitely planning to keep DS rearfacing all this winter at least.

femmeaufoyer Sun 14-Oct-12 11:33:08

It's not so much that it doesn't fit, it just looks a bit long because there's no footrest in rear-facing. But i've only tried it with the seat up straight as my DD was much older when I got my Bee and footmuff. I guess if your little one is 5 months then you may still have him reclined a little. I think it would be better like that.

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