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Maclaren techno xlr carry cot - sizing?

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philbee Sat 06-Oct-12 17:46:36

I have a battered old maclaren techno xlr which I'll be using for dc2, am currently pg. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's front facing. I really like the look of the carrycot you can get for the xlr now, but have just looked up the dimensions. Length is 71cm (outside, presumably). DD was 59cm long at birth.

So with padding I've basically got about 5cm extra, and that's if this one's no bigger. Even allowing for babies bending their legs up, rather than sleeping stretched out, it's daft for me to buy one, isn't it? Tell me it is.

Are there any alternatives which I could use with our current pushchair? Only other thing I can think is to buy a sling and sling the baby for the first few months until I feel happier about them being in the pushchair.

Ihateparties Sat 06-Oct-12 21:39:35

Hmmm tricky, the inside of most soft carrycots like the maclaren one (petite star zia cocoon, graco soft cot etc) are small, particularly with a 59cm newborn! I suppose if it's 71cm outside then it will be about 66cm inside... I would say try to see one somewhere but I've never happened across one irl despite going to lots of baby shops quite regularly.

A good sling is a good thing to have either way imho. Also I had a fairly large first baby - 98th centile ish - then a 2nd that despite an outwardly small bump persistently measured weeks ahead throughout pregnancy yet came out bang on average and stayed there. This one may be bigger or may be smaller, you just don't know till it comes out! smile

philbee Tue 09-Oct-12 14:07:02

Thank you. I have got some slings already, a ring sling, stretchy wrap etc., but nothing that DH will tackle on his own (or feels happy wearing outside) so am looking into getting a manduca or similar. Although I like the idea of the carry cot I just can't see that it's worth spending £60 or so on. Have had a scan today and been told that I'm 13+4, when I know for a fact that I'm 13+2, so it's already big, I can't take the risk!

pregnantpause Tue 09-Oct-12 14:18:20

Dd2 was 63at birth and used the carry cot for 6weeks, then I folded the bottom 'wall' of the carrycot down and she stayed in it till she could sit up. They are very soft and I lived using it. The maclaran xlr was easily my best buy- I went through three prams with dd1 befor I got it, not the prettiest but very sturdy!

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