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quick survey. when did you get rid of the double buggy?

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cheapandchic Wed 03-Oct-12 16:58:59

I am torn. I want to sell my double, but I am not sure if I will regret it. Older child is 2.6. Stopped napping and doesnt want to go in it. Sometimes I force her, when I need to go fast, but I am wondering what age others got rid...

outnumberedbymen Wed 03-Oct-12 19:37:17

Funnily enough we were just talking about this a few minutes ago. We will probably see our p&ts next year. Ds2 is now nearly 4, ds2 is 2.1! We do do lots of walking which is why ds2 is still in the pushchair a fair bit. Ds2, who has asd, has only just started doing the pre-school run on his balancing bike. If I go out with the two I do always take the double with me though - I feel so much more relaxed knowing that I CAN put ds2 in it if he is having a tantrum or if I just need to get somewhere quickly.

Ihateparties Wed 03-Oct-12 19:40:23

With DC1 and 2 got rid at hmmm 2y10m elder child. Dc2 and 3 - I had initially thought a year with precise 2y age gap and walking everywhere but over half way into that year I now plan to keep it forever

That is all.

Tiggywunkle Wed 03-Oct-12 20:48:34

I agree - forever!!!
My DD is just 4 and believe me gets worse - tantrums, stamping feet, huffing, dancing in front of the pushchair and the tantrums. DH said we didn't need the double today as he was with us but believe me I regretted not taking it within minutes :S
Don't get me wrong my DD is pretty well behaved...but she's too intelligent for her own good and knows exactly when to play up. She honestly gets worse sad
The +One will be the last double out of here because of the 'hidden' seat as back up.

Hevster Thu 04-Oct-12 20:43:49

i got rid of 2 Phil & Teds as i thought I didn't need the double only to regret it and get another - am now about to part with it as DD1 has started school and it has sat unused in the garage for 4 weeks. I would say kids change by the fortnight so stick the double away for a month and if you have no regrets then sell it?

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