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Double pushchair for DC's 2.4 and 11 months?

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Girlinthedennyandgeorgescarf Mon 01-Oct-12 14:34:59

I currently have a peach blossom which I love but I am beginning to tire of having to remove both of the seats and the adaptors every time I need to get in the car, especially when I have to run errands which involves getting in and out of the car many times.....

So what are my other options? I would like it to fold in one piece and don't mind whether it is a tandem or side by side, my budget is limited as it ideally needs to be second hand, or under £250ish pounds if new!

Thanks in advance.

Tiggywunkle Mon 01-Oct-12 16:39:36

Being utterly honest, there are tandems which fold in one piece eg B-Dual and Phil&Teds Verve, but what you gain on the fold you lose in having to lift a huge chunk of a pushchair and then having to set each seat up ready to use and you may lose the easy lower seat access ie with having no upper seat on to put the lower child in. Plus the seats on both of these have compromises. I swapped pushchairs not long ago and believe me it was a relief to go back to the simplicity of clunking the two bars and seat of the Peach on. You only realise how small the Peach chassis is when you have bigger chunks to fold, lift and carry. Plus as my children got older to make a no fuss choice about whether to use a single or double on any given outing with the Peach.
Side by sides are easier than tandems for no fuss. The Baby Jogger City Mini is probably the easiest (or the GT version). Just thinking through most of the others - many have several steps to open or close or catches to open or close, pins to put in place etc.
I think the BJCM double or the B-Dual would be the best two to look at. If those are no good then come back and say why and we can try to help further.

Ihateparties Mon 01-Oct-12 19:14:11

I'd get a side by side if possible personally, never had a tandem that was handy to fold and unfold. So yeah, baby jogger of some sort, mountain buggy if you have the space, something like that.

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