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Travel bag to put P&T in, other than the P&T branded one?

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Cordrazine Sat 29-Sep-12 20:44:42

We want a travel bag to protect our P&T Sport when we fly but would rather not pay the £60 for the P&T one, or even the £30 they go for on ebay. Any suggestions for something that it fits and we could pick up for cheaper?

Hevster Sat 29-Sep-12 21:09:58

i looked and didn't find, however i was advised that i could get it kind of cling wrapped at the airport for a fiver - no idea if this was enough as I found a P&T bag for a tenner in a shop but might be worth a look?

soapnuts Sun 30-Sep-12 10:37:33

I've got a Phil and Teds and a bugaboo - both with the relevant travel bags (we travel a lot!) and I'd say that the real phil and teds bag is totally worth the money cos it's just so neat! I couldn't believe how small it packed down - especially after travelling with the bugaboo bag for the last two years and hating how mahooooooosive it is. I've had other buggy bags (mostly using for car seats) and to be honest I haven't found a good one that is cheap and works . I've had a few that were so flimsy that they only really keep it clean and not protected - and they got ripped on the first journey every time.

Personally I'd shell out the cash for the real one but that's cos I travel loads.

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