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Phil & Ted's Q

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TinyPenguin Wed 26-Sep-12 19:24:49

I have a sport model but need to buy a raincover

I've been looking at buying one new -
which will be the best fit? An explorer double rain cover or a dot?

just a bit concerned on the fit around the hood as the explorer hood is different to the old sport model?

any suggestions gladly accepted

Tiggywunkle Thu 27-Sep-12 00:16:42

I wouldnt get the Dot Phil&Teds not have Sport ones on their website? If not, I would give Out n About a call direct and ask if they still have any there.

TinyPenguin Thu 27-Sep-12 07:15:01

you can get them from Phil & Ted but they're more expensive - some places currently have explorer ones on offer at £20, so just wondered if the fit would be okay?

Hevster Fri 28-Sep-12 21:34:24

get a decent fake on ebay, I got a double one for about a tenner and you honestly cant tell the difference

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