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Out n About nipper 360 V2, any good???

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surfingluby Mon 24-Sep-12 17:14:50

I'm looking at buying the nipper out n about v2 single, I wanted to know if its any good?
I have three other children and two dogs, we walk everywhere. We walk to school on rough ground, I take the dogs to the beach most days and we do lots of coastal walks. We live in a small town with little shops so also need something that will be easy to push round the shops. I suffer with a bad back so wanted something light!
Love the idea of a carrycot too!
Do you think it would be robust enough for my daily routine? smile

Tiggywunkle Mon 24-Sep-12 18:01:16

Better than the V1 for babies. The recline is much better and the adjustable handle is good. I have only had the double but someone I know had the single and struggled with the narrow handle. The double was easy peasy across soft sand. The new baskets are not easily accessible though. The downside - the harness is huge and I would be very cautious at putting a baby in without an additional harness. In fact it would probably put me off buying one for a young child. I would get a Baby Jogger Elite instead.

surfingluby Mon 24-Sep-12 18:05:37

Thanks for that, I would use a carrycot for new baby. How did your friend struggle with the narrow handle? smile

ihearttc Tue 25-Sep-12 22:05:09

I have a Nipper 360 V2 and like Tiggy said it's a good pushchair apart from the harness. It is ridiculously big and in my opinion is actually dangerous-had I have realised just how big it was before buying it I would have most definitely got something else.

I know you say you are going to use the carrycot but just to give you an idea of how loose it is-my little boy is nearly 2(he is quite dinky though and about the size of a 16 month old) but even with a really thick winter coat on I can get my entire arm between him and the harness which is just not safe.

I am still having to use it at the moment as I don't have another pushchair to use and Out and About are basically refusing to do anything as according to them the harness is not big at all despite me showing them photo's of how big is it...but Im really scared to use it to be honest. It's supposed to be an All Terrain pushchair which is why I purchased it but if it was to catch on a rock or something and the pushchair was to tip then any child could be seriously injured.

I would look at a Mountain Buggy Swift perhaps if you haven't already considered that one.

surfingluby Thu 27-Sep-12 20:07:36

Thanks for your reply, I liked the mountain buggy but its too heavy for me :-(
Maybe take your nipper to an upholster and get them to shorten the straps, they will have a hand held machine that will sow so it will be an easy job for them or if the cover comes away from the frame it will be even easier.
I think I'm just gunna go for it and get the nipper along with the carrycot as I can't find anything as light and it seems to tick all my boxs apart from the harness which I can get altered and the handlebar which I've only heard one complaint about so figure it's not a big deal, I have two dogs so will spend most of my time pushing it with one hand anyway :-)

peanutMD Thu 27-Sep-12 21:05:34

How about the Jane Slalom pro?

Its lightweight, easy to push, the folds its not too bad and you can add a carrycot.

if cost is a consideration it can often be picked up cheaply second hand, if not you can get a reversible seat version but this is heavier.

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