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Anyone tried a Britax B Agile Twin? Also double help!

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haloflo Mon 24-Sep-12 12:11:07

Available here it looks ok right?

I'm looking for a reasonably priced twin pram (I think I've decided on a twin) for when my new baby arrives. DD1 is a big 24lb 18 month old who will be 22 months when baby comes. I don't imagine DC2 will be small either. Currently has no sense of direction and only comes out her pram in the park or on the prom.(ie far away from cars) I know she will change in 4/5 months though.

It needs to be affordable (Ideally under £300) and although I'm drawn to the city mini double by the time I've added foot muffs, raincovers etc it gets very pricey.

Pushchair will be used to go to the park, library etc. I don't do much shopping in the town centre. I drive a smallish car (corsa) and do like to use it when it rains. I imagine I'll use it for 1 year ish so was thinking brand new rather than second hand.

Does this pram exist!??

Ihateparties Mon 24-Sep-12 13:16:01

The single b agile is nice, based on that it should be okay. The catalogue has the width measurement to be 72cm, I notice online it doesn't say anything on size. If it is then that should get you most places. Love that you can put the car seat (and thus probably carrycot) on one side and you can also take the fabric off. The carrycot and carseat both accommodate a larger baby well (I used both on the single with my not small baby). Always reasonably priced used carrycots on ebay but not an essential, you can use the seat straight away if you choose.

If this had been out 6 months ago I would probably have got one subject to seeing, feeling and pushing it in the shop. Have not seen one in person and would always suggest you do that in order to be sure. Or if not possible then make sure when you unpack an internet order you're really careful so you can return if unsuitable.

Tiggywunkle Mon 24-Sep-12 22:14:29

My worry with the B-Agile is that the single suits older toddlers well but not babies - they slide and slump in the seat. I don't know how this will translate to the double but my DS looked so uncomfy in the single that I couldn't keep it. The BJCM was fine in the same time period. I love the car seat and possibly carry cot options though.

haloflo Tue 25-Sep-12 19:10:44

Hmm interesting about babies looking slumped- I really need to see one I think (and borrow a baby to test it?!) I remember that the small baby stage passes quickly though and at 5 months my last was ready to go into the seat of my oyster.

I also can't find footmuffs which state they fit that Britax model.

Thank you for replying though.

Ihateparties Tue 25-Sep-12 19:52:43

I fixed my single b agile with a strap around the frame across the back of the seat, brought it about 2 inches more upright and solved any slumping. You literally only need a length of velcro and the worst that can happen if it comes undone is they drop down to the pushchair's natural "upright" position.

You DO need to see one though grin

forevergreek Wed 26-Sep-12 14:37:30

If you have an oyster already why don't you just get the twin seat for it? ( not sure if out yet or in next couple of month)

Tiggywunkle Wed 26-Sep-12 15:14:11

It's a whole different pushchair forevergreek - not just an add on. But its stood choice for anyone looking to buy a colour pack Oyster - the one out now- to look at the Oyster Max as well as it will have longevity for two children.

haloflo Wed 26-Sep-12 20:20:55

I am keeping my eyes peeled about the oyster max I have to say. Although I don't always love my oyster I know why I bought it. If my carrycot fit the max that would be win win! Just means I'd be stuck with the boring pearl colour I went for.

Tiggywunkle Thu 27-Sep-12 00:15:26

I dont believe the carrycot is the same fact I am sure of it...

haloflo Sat 29-Sep-12 16:33:23

pfft rip off merchants! am now keen on the baby jogger city mini instead. i will just keep my oyster as a single.

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