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Mutsy Evo - just the pushchair?

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saskia87 Sat 22-Sep-12 14:54:02

Does anyone know if you can buy the pushchair by itself? I have seen the package with carrycot for £399, but not the pushchair alone. You can buy just the chassis, and just the seat unit to make the stroller, but can't tell if the raincover is included with the seat unit or not.

Cityofgold Sat 22-Sep-12 15:01:22

I think Oxford pram centre sells all the bits individually and you can order on line

saskia87 Sat 22-Sep-12 15:43:01

Yep that's where I've been looking but it doesn't say if the raincover is included if you buy the bits individually - I assume it does as I can't see it for sale separately.

Tiggywunkle Sat 22-Sep-12 23:58:48

There is another shop - sorry I can't remember which - that does everything separately too. The seat unit and chassis come in a separate box to the carrycot, so I think its easy for retailers to split the package off. The raincover is in the chassis box so I would be surprised if it wasn't included. Give a stockist a call.

LConn Sun 23-Sep-12 18:14:10

I just collected my Mutsy Evo yesterday. I got it from Baby Chariots of Colchester. I ended up getting a package which include the pushchair, carrycot, car seat, foot muff and changing bag as the price was so reasonable but they definitely sell all the bits separately. Hope that helps

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