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uppababy vista v babystyle oyster v i candy peach/strawberry/cherry

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apachepony Fri 21-Sep-12 00:20:42

Hi all,
Have shortlisted the above from's best buys. Was also contemplating the bugaboo bee, but think I would quite like a carry-cot - or does it matter? Dh can't believe the price of some of the travel systems, and some of them do seem crazy expensive, so the oyster may be the best option because it seems much cheaper. However, I could stretch financially if really worth it.
Would like the following:

I have no car and will be walking/taking bus/possibly taking light train around town, so important that it's easy to push, not too bulky etc;
Dh has car so will also be in car often too;
Parent facing;
Would like a carry-cot I think (open to being convinced otherwise).

Baby due in January so perhaps icandy supply issues? They do look v pretty though...

AverageHeight Sun 14-Oct-12 15:48:02

Oops posted too soon!

Meant to say width isn't an issue locally but it is something you really become aware of.

Just in case anyone is interested, i was also going to say the carrycot is lovely and was another key factor in getting the vista for us. We already had a crib, didn't also want a moses basket so used the carrycot for downstairs naps/ occasional overnight stay. The basket is great, and while access is reduced while using the carrycot it's actually a lot better than some others at the same stage of use. I managed my shopping no problem.

I've only used the car seat converter a few times, my husband likes it but then he doesn't use the pushchair nearly as much as I do.

The vista has been great for us and I do 'love' it but it doesn't sound like it'd suit you.

apachepony Mon 15-Oct-12 08:51:38

Have just realised that colours for peach 2 have changed! Oh no! Don't want black for a baby, silver is impractical (wouldn't you agree?), cherry Bon Bon is prob out as we're having a boy, and the Parma violet is yuck! Considering was having choosing on looks, this is another problem! Who knew choosing the right buggy could be so complicated? I think I'm becoming obsessed...

Tiggywunkle Tue 16-Oct-12 11:20:40

Black can easily be customised and you can swap the liners (old Peach, new Peach and Peach Jogger) around so you could have a different colour inside.

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