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Saggy seated City Minis

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saskia87 Thu 20-Sep-12 18:08:35

Is this issue with both the 3 and 4 wheelers, or just the 4?

Tiggy? I'm guessing you're the one most likely to know!

AndMiffyWentToSleep Fri 21-Sep-12 09:55:31

I've got a 3 wheeler and haven't noticed any seat problems

Tiggywunkle Fri 21-Sep-12 15:52:00

I thought it was both to be honest. I believe the newest batches arriving supposedly have the issue fixed. Its really obvious even from new if the seat looks saggy. Also the old seats have two strips running back to front down the outside edges of the seat pad area and then horizontal strips between these two. These are fine. The new seats have just horizontal strips running across the seat pad - no side strips.

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