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Which pram/pushchair?

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saskia87 Wed 19-Sep-12 15:15:59

I have a nearly 5 week old DD, and a 2.8yr old DD. I need to get a pram/pushchair which will last until baby doesn't need it any more (so robust and large enough for a bigger toddler, but not a tank!), and I want to be able to use my lascal maxi buggy board for my older DD. Needs to be easy to fold and fairly light for public transport as I don't drive, and robust enough for my older DD to use occasionally if she gets tired (I would sling baby in this case).

Ideally would love it to be rear facing - but this bumps the price and weight up a lot. Also would like the option to put maxi cosi pebble on sometimes.

So far my shortlist is -

Baby Jogger city mini 4 (had a 3 wheeler but regretfully sold it - though think I'd prefer the stability of the 4 wheeler anyway). Would be 2011 version due to saggy seat issues with 2012 models. Not sure if buggy board works well with it.

Baby Jogger city mini GT - love the upgraded features over the city mini (handbrake, better wheels, padded seat, adjustable handle), but the single front wheel makes me think it'd be even tippier going down curbs than the double front wheel of the city mini 3 wheel? Buggy board might fit better with adjustable handle.

Baby Jogger Versa - love it but more expensive and seat isn't suitable from birth, so definitely need car seat adaptors or carrycot which bumps price up. Rear facing a plus, but heavier for public transport.

Mutsy Evo - the largest and most complicated folding (thinking of public transport), but rear facing and seat suitable from birth. Ok price and like the look of it. Is the seat suitable for a toddler?

Any other suggestions? I don't want an umbrella folding buggy.

Tiggywunkle Wed 19-Sep-12 15:54:30

Hmmm here are my thoughts.

BJCM4 - fab pushchair - just hard to successfully put a buggyboard on especially if the seat is reclined. My 3 year old can't get her head through the handle so she ends up leaning back on me and it gets annoying!!

BJCMGT - dont worry about tipping. Admittedly I haven't tried a buggy board on the back, but it feels really stable - much better than the BJCM3. I would have happily swapped my BJCM4 bought for the stability for a BJCMGT. I think the handle would be better for a buggyboard because there's a bit of space for the toddler but the recline may well be an issue again.

Versa - lovely - but I wouldn't like to deal with it and two children on the bus assuming you mean folded - no problem if you can leave it open. Its long folded and heavy. But gorgeous to push and the rear facing is lovely.

The Mutsy Evo - as you say, harder to fold especially as it doesn't fold rear facing so it would be two parts if you use parent facing. Again I wouldn't want to fold it and get 2 children onto the bus.

I want to suggest the Easywalker June but your message implies this might be out of your budget. Again it would need a carrycot. I think you could wedge a Versa for a newborn, but I dont think you could a June...
What would you do with the carrycot though if your toddler needs a ride?

I have to say I would be included to send you off to look at a Bugaboo Bee - I think its the only one I would probably want to fold and carry onto a bus with everything else. Possibly a Quinny Zapp Xtra because although its two pieces I am sure there's a way to sling one piece onto your back. Or there is the NJoy Petite Star Bubble which although is an umbrella fold may suit your needs? The Babystyle Oyster may be easier to fold than the Musty Evo although again you may need a carrycot.

All these would have seats big enough for your toddler.

saskia87 Wed 19-Sep-12 16:17:39

That's reassuring about the tipping. I think I'm really debating between the BJCMGT and the Versa - it's basically comes down to rear facing and more expensive vs non-rear facing and cheaper. I can afford the Versa, but can't decide if having baby face me is worth the extra price and weight.

I also have a custom snunkie footmuff for the city mini - so it would fit the GT better than a Versa!

The EW June is lovely but you're right that it's a bit out of my price range. The Versa is right at the top of/stretching my budget.

saskia87 Wed 19-Sep-12 16:19:00

I often don't need to fold the pram on the bus actually - but there's always the chance I might need to so it has to be an option really

saskia87 Fri 21-Sep-12 21:16:11

Sorry to bump this up again - Tiggy you mentioned wedging the versa for a newborn (I assume you mean like the removable wedge in the pebble car seat that flattens the seat?). Anyone know what could I use to wedge it?

I'm starting to lean more towards the Mutsy Evo actually, even though I keep lusting after a Baby Jogger again. It's the same price (without the carrycot) as the BJCMGT but it parent faces. I don't think I would need to fold it for public transport as often as I first thought after speaking to hubby, and it looks perfect for a buggy board as lots of room in front of the handlebar. The only thing putting me off is will it seem too bulky and heavy for a 2 year old? I guess I could always get a second hand GT eventually if I felt it was...

Ihateparties Fri 21-Sep-12 21:23:53

Silver Cross Surf nest - I think it's only sold as part of the package but they come up on ebay.
Stokke Newborn Wedge - I think this might be shallower, I used on on an iCandy Peach and it worked very well with 3 month old. Again and ebay job.
Smartmuff - unless you already have a footmuff in mind this is a two in one. Quite a bit more cash than the other two but you'd probably get good use out of it plus the wedge does remove leaving you with bucket seat shaped footmuff (I assume...)

Only issue with wedges is they aren't instant in and out so you can't really swap during one journey iyswim.

Tiggywunkle Fri 21-Sep-12 21:44:49

I dont think the Evo is bulky for a 2 year old - I was pushing my 3 and a half year old round in it - but mainly my just under 2 year old. It was lovely to push and although I haven't tried it, I think its a good one for a buggyboard because of the large space between the seat and the handlebar. I thought it was pretty good to be honest. Just watch the need to pack it wisely!!

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