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Uppababy Vista for a tall baby

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CruCru Mon 10-Sep-12 22:40:28

I have an Uppababy Vista (2010 model) and I love it. I have started to find the straps a bit short lengthways for DS though (he is a very long baby - one year old so we will need a buggy for a while). Has anyone else found this and is there any solution?

We also have a Maclaren XT which lives in the car boot but I don't really want this to become our main buggy.


Tiggywunkle Tue 11-Sep-12 23:09:44

Have you adjusted them correctly - I mean totally threaded them through to the very end. I had my tall 3 year old in our 2011 Vista and she was absolutely fine. If you are sure, you have them totally extended, then I would phone Uppababy and see if they can send you out some longer straps. Its very rare I have come across straps being too short.

CruCru Wed 12-Sep-12 15:25:49

Thanks Tiggy I'll check.

holbea Wed 12-Sep-12 20:52:09

I haven't had this problem - got an 18 month old and the straps seem to still have plenty of length left. I love my Uppababy too!

CruCru Sat 20-Oct-12 10:42:29

Well I sent Uppababy a message about this but I haven't heard back from them. I'll call them on Monday. Shamelessly bumping thread to see if anyone else had this problem.

CruCru Mon 29-Oct-12 21:18:45

Uppababy had some strap extensions - they sent them to me for free so I guess this is a known issue for some of their pushchairs.

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