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Changing rear wheels on a maclaren...could I do it myself?

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HiccupHaddockHorrendous Sun 09-Sep-12 12:11:15

I have a maclaren triumph and the outer rear wheels are quite worn. It makes a funny noise when pushing it which I believe is because of the worn wheels so was considering swapping the outer/inner wheels to see if that made a difference.

Has anyone done this? Is it quite straightforward?

Cwtchbach Sun 23-Sep-12 12:52:53

Did you change the wheels? We are just looking to do the same, two outer back wheels are worn. Where did you get your wheels from?

HiccupHaddockHorrendous Sun 23-Sep-12 13:21:27

I tried. I managed to remove the hubcaps but there is a star-shaped part that holds the axle through the wheels and would have broken if I'd removed it so I left it as it was. They are replaceable (according to the online research I did) but I didn't have time for the extra effort blush.

I didn't buy new wheels, I was going to swap the outside wheels with the inside ones. When I looked online there were allsorts of different sizes and I know I'd have ordered the wrong ones at least twice before getting it right grin.

Cwtchbach Mon 24-Sep-12 10:26:26

Oh dear. We have found a few stockists online but the postage is quite high, we've taken the wheels off (using brute force on star clip - the new wheels come with a new one) and measured the axel etc so we know which ones to get. I suppose we will just have to pay the postage sad

HiccupHaddockHorrendous Mon 24-Sep-12 16:21:37

There were a few on eBay which might be a bit cheaper.

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