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Mountain Buggy Duet or Baby Jogger City Mini Double?

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chocolatetester1 Sat 07-Jul-12 18:41:18

I'm having difficulty deciding which of the above to go for. If you have either and can tell me its pros and cons I'd really really appreciate it. I'm currently paralysed with indecision and I really need to choose! Thank you!

chocolatetester1 Sat 07-Jul-12 18:44:40

Forgot to say I'd like to know if you have taken either on a bus and how did you get on. Thanks again!

liswee Sat 07-Jul-12 20:45:21

I have the mountain buggy duet and have had it since it was released last year. My weeones are now 2.11 years and 13 months and it is the right double for me. The main pro is the width. For me this was the most important thing for my lifestyle and where I live.
Yes the seats appear small but my 2 both look comfortable and have room to grow so I definitely see it lasting us until my eldest no longer needs a pushchair/--to be strapped in to restrain her so I can get on with things I need to do quickly--
I have several baby jogger singles and the glider board for occasions where a double isnt necessary - I love baby joggers! But the baby jogger double did not suit me - great for wide walks but there were some paths i couldn't get down. I couldn't get into any of my local shops and struggled getting around a lot of the shops in my local shopping centre. This was an issue for me but there are lots and lots of people that do have a double baby jogger and it is great for them so it may be good for you.
Do you drive? Or is it for use on public transport all the time.
I have been on the bus a few times but have luckily never had to fold it. It slotted in the space easily. The duet doesn't have as easy a fold as the baby jogger but it is not difficult. I really don't know how I would manage to fold any double while dealing with my 2 (maybe easier now they can both walk but that comes with its own problems) but if it came down to it I would say the baby jogger would be easier for buses if you had to fold it.
If you drive your decision may come down to what one fits in your boot?
The duet is heavier than the city mini but I am a weakling and manage to fling it in and out of my boot without thinking about it now.
The other big issue for me is having the ability with the duet to load the kids into it inside the house and being able to wheel them out the front door - great in the rain/snow/wind! With the city mini it had to be put up outside then get one loaded (I did the eldest first because at least the baby couldn't move and get into anything but I don't know what I would do now with them both being able to wreak havoc in such a short space of time) then the other and any bags and the raincover in the terrible weather (admittedly it doesn't take that long and lots and lots of people do it and manage fine but for me it was something I could do without and the duet managed to tick that box for me.
The hoods on the baby jogger are amazing but the duet ones aren't that bad.
I would say they are both easy to push but the duet handles slightly rougher ground better.
The duet has an adjustable handle which for me is great while the city mini one is fixed. The new mini gt has adjustable handle and better tyres but to gain this it does weigh a lot more.
Erm, can't think what else, just seen how much I have written, oops I do go on a bit
It is a tough decision and nothing will be 100% perfect I'm afraid.
The mountain buggy duet is the closest I could get and for the moment I am happy. I'm a pram addict but have now focused on singles
I am sure someone will be along soon to sing the bjcm praises - just to confuse you.
If you have any other specific questions about the duet I will be happy to answer them.
Good luck smile

KateShmate Sat 07-Jul-12 20:53:34

How old are your DC's OP?

milk Sat 07-Jul-12 20:54:11

Mountain Buggy Duet compatible with Maxi Cosi Cabriofix or Pebble car seats- as far as I am aware the BJ is not.

Any reason why you did not include the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double or Baby Jogger City Elite Double to your maybe list?

chocolatetester1 Sat 07-Jul-12 21:09:08

Liswee - thanks for all that info - so many of the things you mentioned are what's been on my mind.
Kate - In September I'll have a newborn and a 22 month old.
Milk - no reason not to include those two but I haven't seen them in the shops. What are they like?

mistressploppy Sat 07-Jul-12 21:15:03

I have the Duet and I love it. Liswee has covered most of the pros. It's especially good for me as I'm nearly 6ft and the handle goes really high (and it also goes low enough for my 2.8yo to push it too!)

I also considered the City Mini and Elite but the width of the Duet clinched it. I have a Quinny Buzz which I used when I had my first and they are the same width shock

It gets loads of looks and compliments when we're out too! <shallow>

KateShmate Sat 07-Jul-12 21:30:08

Ahh okay, I only ask because we have triplets and used the double mountain buggy with double carrycot, so can only give advice on that part really.
The carrycot is really lovely - and the buggy steers really nicely.
It is big, but its a 'safe' big rather than a heavy and bulky big, IYSWIM - basically, it definitely did not feel like it would collapse or anything like that!

We got rid of ours after our girls were too big for carrycots - simply because all 3 could fit into the double carrycot as it was so big, but obviously we would then need to 'upgrade' to the triple mountain buggy, which we felt would be too wide. If they had done a tandem then we would definitely have got it - its just a brilliant all terrain and robust buggy. We found it brilliant for wood walks, beach etc because of the big wheels!

liswee Sat 07-Jul-12 21:34:02

Oh yes if you get the duet be prepared for lots of looks! And comments! It is not the prettiest pushchair but when you go to open a shop door (recently been opticians, pharmacy, little post office and photo shop to get passport photos taken for the little ones) and they have all looked at me yes no help by holding the door or anything but just a look as if to say haha your no way going to fit that thing through here then they are astonished while you ease through and head to the counter and always make a comment and ask about it. secretly makes me smile, yes I did pick well! smile

chocolatetester1 Sat 07-Jul-12 21:40:31

I am convinced! Mountain Buggy Duet it is, I shall prepare myself for all the admiring looks and easy access into everywhere - and start to build up my biceps for lifting it into the boot because it'll be worth it!
Thank you all so much especially as it's secretly the one I really wanted to be convinced of grin

liswee Sat 07-Jul-12 21:53:55

smile just make sure you try it out in the boot to make sure it fits if you can before buying.
Not sure if you had been thinking about the carrycot for your newborn or not but i didn't bother and my little one was fine in the seat with a snuggly sheepskin. The fabric does bunch up if you try to push the seat up from recline to upright but if you just push the seat fully through and tuck back the fabric it is fine an really doesn't annoy me anymore (one of the things I'm willing to put up with for the width).
I think one either Stirling pram centre or Glasgow pram centre had it on offer down to £450 if that is the one you are going to go for it's quite a good saving.
I truely hope you find it is great for you and your little ones smile

mistressploppy Sun 08-Jul-12 09:50:51

Agree with Liswee - no carrycot here. I bodged it with an ebay Phil and Teds cocoon for the first couple of months (tied/held in with a scarf blush ) and then went for the sheepskin option like Liswee from about 3mo - perfect.

I got mine from John Lewis but it was £580 shock. Much better deals to be had now it's not brand new to the market anymore

chocolatetester1 Sun 08-Jul-12 14:17:04

We had a go with one at Kiddicare and it does fit in the boot (phew!). I think I'll have to give the carrycot a bit of thought as one of the plus points for me is the fact the baby can face me - was that the case with the P&T cocoon?
It's still £580 in JL, £550 in Kiddicare so thanks for the other options - I'll see if they can deliver down south...
OMG I even dreamed about this buggy last night - the preggie hormones are in full swing - I was using it and it was perfick!

mistressploppy Sun 08-Jul-12 22:34:34

I put the cocoon in facing away from me because there's a very slight incline and I didn't want DS2s feet to be higher than his head! But this could be easily rectified with a bit of foam or some such rig-out. The only problem then is there's no hood protection.

I found that under 2mo they're always asleep in the buggy anyway grin

mistressploppy Sun 08-Jul-12 22:36:24

Maybe check ebay for a carrycot? They get used for such a short period of time

chocolatetester1 Mon 09-Jul-12 13:57:06

Good plan, will check ebay. I really hope it spends the first 2mo asleep! Will be an improvement on the first!

KateShmate Mon 09-Jul-12 14:57:35

Yep I would definitely check eBay, or any other second hand websites - Gumtree etc, and also buy and sell facebook groups for your area.
If you could find one, I would definitely recommend it - I can't give any opinions on using the seat unit as we never used this, but I can say that the carrycot is lovely and spacious, and so easy to take places - especially going overnight somewhere.
We also found it helpful if we had gone for a walk and newborns had fallen asleep in pram - didn't want to wake babies as ours would be wide awake once woken!
They do resell really well aswell - we put our twin carrycot on eBay and it was snapped up within a few hours!

liswee Mon 09-Jul-12 18:42:16

Just had a wee check and it was the Glasgow pram centre (pramcentreonline) that has the extra 10% off taking it down to £450! And they do deliver anywhere. It is an extra 10% off everything so if you were looking for carrycot new/footmuff/car seat adapter/rain cover etc it's a good saving smile
I think its personal preference whether you want to have your baby in a carrycot facing you (fabric will need to be removed but it's not like you would be chopping and changing between carrycot and seat so wouldn't be a bother) and as people say the resell is good at the moment so you wouldn't be loosing much but it is totally doable without.
Fingers crossed you get a sleepy baby! smile

chocolatetester1 Thu 12-Jul-12 21:22:39

Thanks everyone, all info very much appreciated smile

TinyPenguin Fri 13-Jul-12 20:35:11

I have the duet & love it! I used a petit star zia carrycot cocoon thing for newborn. Slots into seat unit & clips to pushchair frame so is secure & meant I had baby facing me too. Got cocoon for £8 on eBay brand new & can thoroughly recommend that option- made it feel more secure for newborn too & toddler loved being able to see baby easily.

crazypaving Sun 15-Jul-12 11:43:08

Ooh, just read this thread with interest as I've just bought a duet - DC2 due in Oct, 23m age gap.

TinyPenguin, how does the Petite Star Zia cocoon fit into the duet? Does it just randomly have the right attachment bits, or did you have to buy some? I've been wondering what to do about that, and have considered just getting the maxicosi adapters, but would prefer the newborn to lie flat if possible. I've seen some duet carrycots on Ebay but they go quickly (I'm not always paying attention....) and seem to hold their value a bit too well!

TinyPenguin Mon 16-Jul-12 20:42:38

The cocoon slots into the seat when the seat is fully reclined. The cocoon has hooks attached that ate designed to clip on to the zia frame, which coincidently must be same thickness as the duet's. So I used the clips the fix the cocoon On to the outer side of the frame & one on the middle that I hooked around the hood attachments. Rain cover still fits over as well, and can make them really snug from the elements when u fold hold over carrycot as it meets the little hood on the carrycot/cocoon! Was really useful to carry baby out of pushchair & into houses if needed too as cocoon has two big carry handles.

crazypaving Tue 17-Jul-12 10:49:10

Brilliant, thank you TinyPenguin! I can't seem to find one of those cocoons on eBay but will keep searching.

Whatwhatwhat Tue 05-Feb-13 21:21:35

Anyone who got this care to say how it's going?

omni99 Sat 13-Jul-13 15:17:16

They are both great prams. I ended up with the Mountain Buggy Duet. It's been made really well and is the "slimmest" double. Great for whizzing around town.

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