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bellarose2011 Sun 01-Jul-12 19:06:00

Hi, im new here so hi!
i bought any icandy peach blossom in december for my second baby and toddler. i barely used it as a double and really looked after but within 3 months the handle broke in the middle on the part that you udjust handle height. also the whole chassis felt loose and unsafe. the shop i bought it from (the county sleep shop shrewsbury) is refusing to refund me and have repaired it. but i don't believe it could be repaired properly.
so i am taking them to a small claims court. i have heard a few stories of the handles on these prams being faulty and would like to hear from anyone who's had this problem. it would really help my court case and if we can get a load of evidence together maybe it would help other people getting there money back.
pram companies cannot carry on selling prams for top whack prices that are just not good enough qaulity. and shops just don't want know once they've got your cash of you.
would really appreicate any info, thanks!

doblet Mon 03-Sep-12 14:43:08

Bellarose, did you have any luck with this? I've got a Peach that I'm not happy with and have sent a complaint. I'm not expecting a reply from them

HaleyCayleighCiaran Sun 10-Mar-13 15:27:54

Hi there, did you have any luck with this? I have an iCandy peach and the handle bar has completely snapped in half! Icandy arent fixing it as I dont have the receipt.

Misspollyx Wed 13-Mar-13 11:10:32

Hi to be honest iv had positive results with them with my icandy peach, not major problems like urs just the foam ect...but they replaced the full handle bar. Is it still under warranty? You don't need a receipt after its been registered. Go on the facebook page icandy world, everyone's always moaning on it, and they seem to be quick at getting a response lol! It's terrible you pay £1000+ for a pram and expect it to last for years, hope you get somewhere,x

Chardieharrison Mon 02-Sep-13 22:34:03

HaleyCayleighCiaran did you manage to get your icandy peach handle bar fixed? Same thing has happened to mine and I'm struggling to find somewhere in London that will repair or replace the handle bar.

Kristal123 Tue 10-Sep-13 16:12:28

Same happened to me last night!! I dont blame the pram though, i was dragging my daughter up the stairs of my flat thats what i blame, the pram handles snapped!! You can get a replacement set ive noticed on ebay but its getting someone to repair it!!

katieejj Fri 15-Nov-13 22:33:24

hi just wondering if you can send me the link for the new handlebars set as i need some asap as mine snapped to day and i need to pram as my only transport is by foot.

McBaby Wed 18-Dec-13 19:19:25

Mine just broke but it's a known fault icandy are aware of so they will replace the handle for free if it's less than two years old. John Lewis ordered one for me for free on Friday and fitted it for me today.

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