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Mutsy 4rider - can you fit the big shopping basket on at the same time as...

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welliesandpyjamas Wed 09-May-12 11:03:03

...the carrycot?

I have the big basket attachment (fab!) fitted with the pushchair seat. Does anyone know if it will still fit with the carrycot attachment I'm hoping to get soon?

Thanks Mutsy people smile

welliesandpyjamas Wed 09-May-12 20:50:08

Bumping my earthshatteringly interesting question grin

Tiggywunkle Wed 09-May-12 23:43:50

Hi, I believe you can if the photo I have seen is the right pushchair (I get all muddled with Mutsys) - it says its the 4 rider.
Sadly I can't link to it, but I have saved a copy if you want to PM me your addy.
Or try a Google images search - I searched for "mutsy 4 rider basket! and I believe its 25 lines down at the far RH side (well it is on my screen!) there is a pale blue Mutsy (it says the 4 rider) with a carrycot and the large basket on.
Is that the correct one?

welliesandpyjamas Thu 10-May-12 08:16:32

Hi Tiggy
Thanks so much for searching smile I just did the exact same search and I just could not find it at all, so weird! Was it with the carrycot attachment you found it?

I'll just have to be patient and try it out when I get a carrycot. My guess is that it fits but access will be difficult.

HypatiaTheProcrastinator Thu 10-May-12 09:39:30

wellies, can I ask what you think of the 4Rider? Do you have air or foam tyres? I really fancy one and keep looking at them, but I won't have room for one for a few months.

welliesandpyjamas Thu 10-May-12 10:47:49

I love it, hypatia, and I've tried a few before hitting on one that ticks all my boxes. I have the foam tyres (got sick of punctures on previous prams) and they're great.

Tiggywunkle Thu 10-May-12 11:19:42

Yes it had the carrycot on. Wellies, if you PM me your e-mail addy I will send you the photo.

welliesandpyjamas Thu 10-May-12 11:24:29

Done, tiggy smile

HypatiaTheProcrastinator Fri 11-May-12 10:43:59

Thanks wellies. I'm keeping my eye out for one. Not that I need one at all. wink

iMN Wed 25-Jun-14 16:17:57

Aware this is an old thread but wanted to add that the large basket does fit at the same time as the carrycot. However, it doesn't fit when the pushchair seat is rear-facing.

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