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Has anyone replaced a bearing on a Phil & Teds sport front wheel?

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peckhammummy Wed 18-Apr-12 19:13:12

Can anyone help? I have been sent two replacement bearings from Phil & Ted but when I try to fit the wheel together I can't get it to work. The axel doesn't poke through enough. It looks as if I need two different sized bearings rather than the two the same that I was sent.
Unfortunately we only have one of the original bearings as the other fell off and was lost when the wheel came off.
I'm really hoping that someone out there has done this as I am stranded without my pushchair.

bdplatypus Fri 17-Jan-14 00:08:05

Hi. Did you ever get this sorted?

I've been puzzling on this for ages, and just realised that the outer part of the old bearing was still stuck in the wheel, so the new bearings weren't going in far enough.

It took a hammer and punch to remove the old bearing but it's working fine now. The two new bearings are identical, and also the same as the ones on the rear wheels.

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