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Twins - BJCM, Mountain Buggy, Nipper or something else?

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smileysarah12 Sun 13-Jan-13 00:38:24

I am looking one for my 2 year old and a new born boy. I live in Finland and the there is snow or rain almost the whole. I dont have a car and use public transport all the time. The doors are mostly 80-90 cm wide here so width is not an issue. Can you suggest a good one for snow covered hilly areas or just hilly areas. I was thinking about Mountain buggy or easy walker but being put off by the reviews. Really dont like the zip for the recline in easy walker. My 2 year old always sleep in the pram, we need one easy to recline and pull him back up. I can spend upto £600 but can only use retailers which can deliver in Finland.

PeelingmyselfofftheCeiling Wed 18-Apr-12 19:38:09

I have a nipper and mostly love it, light, easy to push etc. We did have to return it to get the brakes replaced but I think that is a known problem on V2s made in late 2011 and they should've sorted it now.
We used 2 Phil and ted cocoons on it for the first few months, very handy for carrying 2 babies at once into dr appts etc. Depending on when you're due I may be selling these 2nd hand (good as new!) if they're of interest.

HypatiaTheProcrastinator Wed 18-Apr-12 19:32:47

Something also worth considering is resale value. The GT will hold its value fairly well, but Easywalkers don't for example. However, you can buy a second hand Easywalker for about £250, so you'd minimise your loss that way. If money wasn't an issue and you were brave, importing a Stroll-Air from the USA would be worthwhole. But you'd be paying about £600 and might only get £150 when you're done with it as they're not well known. Although if they come to the UK soon as planned then their resale will increase with more people knowing about them.
I'm waffling now but I think you'll get my point. smile

Teds77 Wed 18-Apr-12 15:41:49

Thanks ladies - really, really helpful! I had a sneaking suspicion that the BJCM GT might be the way forward, just need to have a think about whether we want to buy new.

Will also have a hunt around on ebay...

If there are any lucky owners of GTs out there would love to hear views on how you are finding them so far.

Tiggywunkle Wed 18-Apr-12 15:15:43

As Hypatia says, there's also the TFK Twinner Twist Duo, but on a budget that probably isn't possible although there is a lovely looking one kicking around on Ebay this week which may be worth a look if its still there.

The issue with the current Nipper and past models for me is the width. It is wider than a standard doorway and you only need to Google Nipper and words like stuck in doorway for a page to come up of people saying how they had to remove wheels or children and fold. I can't live like that! I need to know I can get through a doorway without worrying every time I go anywhere. I went to the dentists recently which is a new purpose built building with wheelchair friendly doors and the Bugaboo Donkey which I think off the top of my head is 74cms wide barely scraped though. Later this year there will be a slimmer Nipper which will be great.

A lot of the initial Duet issues have been resolved and TBH from what I have seen of the Duo its not much different. The main thing you gain from the Duo seems to be the higher handlebar. Theres quite a height difference between the two and the Duet is way too low for me. I bought a Swift recently but have just sold that on again for the same reasons. One handed its fine, but when you push two handed - which you end up doing at times with a double it really can affect your posture. One thing I really think you need on a double pushchair is an adjustable handle.

I really liked the Twinner Twist Duo. Its great spec, comfy, I liked the adjustable leg rests and triple (rather than in half) fold which made it more compact. It doesn't feel as big as some either. Its probably is the best of the side by sides if you want a carrycot, car seat combination (apart from the Donkey but car seats make that wider and its also out of your budget!).

But as you dont need a car seat option then I have to say the Baby Jogger City Mini GT really is THE pushchair to stretch for. It is one pushchair that will do you from birth to 4/5 without needing another - and that may sound odd, but most twin mums go through several pushchairs. I have had the BJCM and the BJCElite and I have briefly tried the GT and it has the advantages of the Elite without the weight and bulk, plus bigger seats. I really honestly dont think you can do much better in this price range. There is just the compact carrycot (I think) that fits the GT - you may get some second hand as they have been out nearly a year now. But look at something like a Bugaboo cocoon which you can use for almost the first year and would save you buying footmuffs to start with and consider strapping your babies in them directly onto the seat. They can be found easily on Ebay and have a good resale value afterwards. Or you can get a Petit Zia or Graco soft cot and strap those on too.

I really like the Easywalker but I have several minor niggles eg the drop down sun visors which kept falling down, the footplate isn't quite right for an older toddler etc. But what you get with Easywalker is great quality - chunky chassis, quality canvas type fabrics, neat fold etc. and I would recommend it TBH. I liked it enough to buy a single Easywalker.

Keep your eyes open on Ebay for a Love n Care Twingo or Stroll Air My Duo. They dont come up very often but are excellent. However the Twingo has a fixed handle so the Stroll Air would be better for you.

I think the GT would be top of my list (it also has a lifetime warranty on the chassis and wheels and will have a good resale value, is easily washed etc) (Unless you spot a Stroll-Air), followed by the TFK or Easywalker, or even a BJCE if its not too big for you.

HypatiaTheProcrastinator Wed 18-Apr-12 14:02:21

I would go with the BJCMGT in your shoes. They only started getting to customers last week so you'll only be getting first impressions, but what I've heard is very good. The BJCM carrycots do fit on the GT.
I've also seen lots of positive comments about the Nipper, but I didn't like the shape of the seats personally. They're quite buckety and don't sit upright. The V2 has better seats but it's also heavier and less likely to be found second hand.
I don't know much about MBs but the reviews of the Duet have been very mixed. All products coming out of Out n About (parent company of OnA, MB and P&Ts) seem to have very mixed quality and there have been lots of issues with newer products.
I've only heard good things about the Easywalker Duo and also the Twinner Twist Duo and Air Buggy Mimi.

The person you want is Tiggywunkle who has owned all of these except maybe the MBUD, I'm not sure. smile

Teds77 Wed 18-Apr-12 13:22:07

I'm expecting twins and would welcome thoughts on a twin (side-by-side) buggy suitable from birth. Apologies if this has been done many times...

We don't have a car so taking car seats isn't a priority.

We live in London and I'm pretty small (5ft) so something light that I stand a chance of getting on buses would be good.

I like the idea of something that would take carrycots.

I'd heard lots of good things about the BJCM Double but when I tested it out yesterday the handle was too high (and can't be adjusted I think?) and access to the basket underneath seemed difficult. I think both these things have been resolved on the BJCM GT but the downside of that is that I'm not going to get a second-hand one. We could buy new but would be interested in hearing from anyone who has got their hands on one of these already about whether they really are too good to be true and worth the money! Also, would carrycots that fitted the BJCM fit the GT - i.e. would I stand a chance of at least getting these second hand?

Heard lots of positive things about the Nipper 360 but am I right in thinking no carrycots? Any twin mums had one from birth and particularly like/dislike? If we went for a second-hand version is there a good version date-wise to buy?

I've heard really mixed reviews about Mountain Buggies - there seems to be lots of love and hate! I had a quick go with a Duet yesterday and quite liked it but I've read a couple of posts about it being poor quality. Would a Duo be a better option (even if a bit bigger/heavier) and if we looked at second hand am I right in thinking this was predated by the Urban Double? Anyone got any thoughts on which vintage of this was particularly good? I admit I do like the ideal of the one larger carrycot and my twins being snuggled up together in that smile

Seems to be some positive posts about the Easywalker duo? Or any other options I should be looking at?

Thanks very much in advance.

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