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Quinny Zapp Xtra for new born?

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mrsqueeze Sun 24-Mar-13 16:18:28

Just a quick point. None of the strollers/pushchairs listed above will fold up anywhere near as small as a Zapp Xtra. They all have a central pivot and fold in half, so the minimum size is governed by the width across the seat when opened. Have a look at the demo videos on a popular internet video website. The Zia 2 is a more serious rival.
If your boot is narrow but deep, you'll be OK and they may be OK for quick shopping trip. But don't be fooled into thinking they're a serious rival if you want the most compact fold.

Tiggywunkle Sat 07-Apr-12 12:29:38

I am not sure the Petit Star will parent face after 6 months but I don't know. All the other suggestions would parent face with a carrycot until 6 months but the Zapp Xtra is the only one that goes behind that. Be aware the Zapp Xtra seat doesn't sit upright parent facing. If you have time on your hands I would look at the measurements for the Easywalker June (I don't know if they are available) and Baby Jogger City Versa. I think they will be too big but have a measure.

Plunkett Sat 07-Apr-12 06:53:08

Thanks for the replys and suggestions.
I've made a list of all the suggestions and will have a look at them all. Ideally i'd like a parent facing option so the Petit Star looks quite interesting (and a really good price!)

Tiggywunkle Sat 07-Apr-12 02:11:19

Just to add, I have just remembered about the new Petit Star Zia Evolve Pramette which may be of interest to you as its suitable from birth and parent faces in pramette mode.

Tiggywunkle Sat 07-Apr-12 01:08:33

I used a Quinny Zapp Xtra almost from birth and I liked it. However I did feel that the seat unit was very exposed for a newborn - its quite flat and open really - and so we bought a Bugaboo Cocoon to go inside and it was fantastic. The issues with the Zapp are stiff chassis - they can be a real piglet to open - and I usually advise buying an old second hand chassis and then buying the Xtra seat to go on the top. You simply strip the fabric off the other Zapp to do so. Also dont use the Xtra seat and car seat at the same time. Its incredibly easy to lose the Xtra seat adaptors and they cost £30 to replace which given the cost of the Zapp Xtra is a fair chunk each time you lose them!

I do however concur with the others that there are probably better pushchairs out there - what exactly would fit, I dont know - but there are lots of smaller fold pushchairs about these days and it all depends on the angles to how they could fit in your boot. The Baby Jogger City Mini or Britax B-Agile or even the new Graco Swift Fold could all be possible options?

lagoonhaze Fri 06-Apr-12 19:59:16

Would a baby jogger city mini fit in a fiat500. Much better than a zapp xtra IMO .

insertsomethingwitty Fri 06-Apr-12 18:38:43

I have a Zapp Xtra. It doesn't lay totally flat like a carry cot would but think it would be ok from newborn, especially if you brought a cosy toes to make it a bit softer. I brought mine when my DD was only a few weeks old and it's been fine so far.

Plunkett Fri 06-Apr-12 18:23:35

Does anyone have a Quinny Zapp Xtra that they have used for a newborn. We have a lovely Silver Cross from DC1 but is far too big to go in my little Fiat 500. At weekends/long journeys we use DH's car so this won't be a problem but need something for popping to the shops etc. The zapp will fit in but not sure how suitable it would be?
Know i might have to admit defeat and change cars but love my 500 so want to try to find something to work first.

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