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Babystyle Oyster Max Tandem

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Tiggywunkle Fri 03-Feb-12 13:32:59

I have just spotted information for the new Babystyle Oyster Max tandem and I am sooooooooooooooooo excited that I had to come and share!

Its got a small wheelbase so will be great on public transport - no more gondola's!

It comes with two car seats, and can take two carrycots and two car seats. So will be suitable for twins. It is bought as a 2 seat pushchair, but my assumption is that given there are car seat and carrycot options that it could also be used as a single pushchair.

I am jumping up and down and squeeeing at this pushchair because it seems like the dream! I can't wait to see more about the combinations and how it all works.

I was told the Oyster Max is due out this summer.

Can you tell I love it???!!

HypatiaTheProcrastinator Fri 03-Feb-12 14:32:02

Me too!!! grin

I love it when companies listen to feedback! In theory, this could be the only pushchair you could ever need. As long as they add a rear hood and a basket of course. confused It could, dare I say it, be better than a Peach Blossom 2! shock

Tiggywunkle Fri 03-Feb-12 14:40:20

I can't wait to see the seating / car seat / carrycot combinations. Do you think I dare hope there may be a parent facing carrycot? I always like the children facing each other option but surely it must use adaptors to push the front seat forwards to do so? Oooooh I really want to know more!

Tiggywunkle Fri 03-Feb-12 14:40:47

And yes fingers crossed for a lower hood and some form of storage.

HypatiaTheProcrastinator Fri 03-Feb-12 14:43:09

I was trying to work out the facing eachother option too. It must be like the B-Dual. In fact, the B-Dual extenders may even fit on it! Not that I'm advocating that or anything. wink I bet there will be a parent facing carrycot option.

Tiggywunkle Fri 03-Feb-12 14:43:29

One thing I would certainly think is that it will cost less than a Peach Blossom 2 based on the current Oyster price - although the Oyster Max has a bigger chassis ie it's not an add on seat for a regular Oyster.

HypatiaTheProcrastinator Fri 03-Feb-12 14:46:08

But will it be a bigger chassis than a Peach? The Oyster chassis is a lot narrower than a Peach, so I guessed this would be more like a Peach in width i.e. 60cm wide.

It had better cost less! I'm guessing £500-550. I prefer the wheels on this, but I'm a sucker for air tyres! grin

Tiggywunkle Fri 03-Feb-12 14:47:06

I am trying to get hold of some measurements etc.....

HypatiaTheProcrastinator Fri 03-Feb-12 14:48:45

I'd love to see some real life photos too. The chassis looks like the Oyster Plush which I love!

Tiggywunkle Fri 03-Feb-12 16:36:08

Sorry I broke the link above. But I managed to get more photos grin grin

Babystyle Oyster Max Photo 1

Babystyle Oyster Max Photo 2

Babystyle Oyster Max Photo 3

Single Babystyle Oyster Max - But you have to buy it as a tandem so I believe.

I think even as a single it looks stunning. I like tandems that look like a good quality single in their own right, and being able to add on a second seat is always a bonus smile I like it...a lot!!

HypatiaTheProcrastinator Fri 03-Feb-12 16:47:15

Me too, they're great photos! Well done prising them out of them. grin It really is lovely in both single and double mode.

FriggFRIGG Fri 03-Feb-12 16:50:46


mamaesi Fri 03-Feb-12 21:51:48

when is it coming out? it looks so compact! perfect for london living...

Tiggywunkle Fri 03-Feb-12 22:09:44

I knew you would like it! This summer is the best I know right now but I always add two months to dates...

suzie38 Fri 03-Feb-12 22:27:11

It looks lovely.

Ihateparties Sat 04-Feb-12 13:22:07

Think I'm gonna go against the grain here and say even if it doesn't have a basket (stoopid as that would be) I still NEED one! If it's a proper single then I might even shun the versa for it blush

HypatiaTheProcrastinator Sat 04-Feb-12 13:38:20

I was thinking the same Ihate. I was trying to work out what other pushchair basket I could add on and either a spare main seat hoid if it fits or a shade a babe type generic one. I want it now!! And I don't want to have to get accidentally pregnant again to make use of it if it's slow coming out. wink

Ihateparties Sat 04-Feb-12 13:49:55

I bet you could do both of those things (I was thinking about random clips and bits of steel boning for the hood etc. Improvise!) A basket off something else is a genius idea if it came to it, I bet you could. Lol to accidentally getting pregnant for it... desperate times! Yesterday at school I had a twinge of envy when I noticed for the first time one of the other mum's is pregnant.. for at least 5 seconds before I remembered I'm 39 and a half weeks pregnant. What's that about?!?!

HypatiaTheProcrastinator Sat 04-Feb-12 14:12:07

That's hilarious! grin I'm single, so not only would it have to be an accident, but also a medical miracle. wink I'm sure we could find some way of rigging up a hood and basket between us. But I'm just hoping BabyStyle aren't being stupid snd they will actually be adding them on.

Tiggywunkle Sat 04-Feb-12 14:16:40

shock How on earth can you forget that you pregnant, let alone a few days off 40 weeks??? shock
LOL re medical miracles Hypatia - you managed it first time, I am sure other miracles could happen!!

HypatiaTheProcrastinator Sat 04-Feb-12 14:25:25

I could have a twin miracle and then I will need a double Oyster. wink

Ihateparties Sun 05-Feb-12 13:16:15

I don't know! Frequently double take myself when passing shop windows and try to walk through spaces that I clearly don't fit through anymore. Possibly I was subconsciously envious that she has MONTHS before having to figure out a way of getting the baby out as oppose to days. I maintain there is no good way out...

Lol... miracle accidental twins sounds like a fabulous idea.. you would then of course get full use out of your shiny new Oyster Max!

mamaesi Sun 05-Feb-12 13:39:20

I am actually quite upset that you showed this to me! Now I want it!

I was very close to getting the kids cargo duellette. But hesitated because I am worried about comfort of my large toddler and that she really still likes to both lie down for a nap and sit up straight depending on time/mood.
I just don't think tandems seem great. They are still wide and kids look rather squashed. but maybe I am wrong.

So then I went back to the MB Duet...even though I think its rather overpriced for what it does...its narrow for my home/getting around london and both kids can happily lie down.... but the cost! and the crap bunching hoods, crap brake.

still haven't purchased...

But now I reckon I need something for right now...and then I can sell it on and get the oyster max when it comes out...Hoping that by then my toddler may be walking more/wanting to lie down less. I hope they add a basket. But even without it looks so great just as a way to get two kids quickly from a to b without taking up so much space! It looks so compact...or is that just an illusion???

Ihateparties Sun 05-Feb-12 14:14:46

So to clarify.. if this is everything it looks like it might be we're ALL going to get one?!

Tiggywunkle Sun 05-Feb-12 15:14:24

It's meant to be compact - its one of its selling points. But equally something like the B-Dual has not got a huge footprint and I can't see how anything can be much smaller than a Pear....we will have to wait and see smile

I think everyone will have an Oyster Max smile - although my DD may be too big. But is very stylish as a single!

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