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Cheap double?

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dldl Sun 10-Feb-13 14:09:39

My little one wasn't well and I didn't look back at this thread for a while. Thank you so much - such a wonderfully friendly buggy community. I really really appreciate your help.

I have done lots of browsing. There are lots of umbrella folds and lots of P&Ts out there.

I think ideally I'd be after a BJCM or Nipper....does that sound about right? What price should I expect to pay for it second hand. I'm in London. Don't want to spend more than £100. Am I being totally unrealistic? Be honest. I've seen one Nipper for £70.

Ihateparties Wed 30-Jan-13 20:36:02

dldl this any good or miles out geographically?

Tiggywunkle Mon 28-Jan-13 23:51:45

I started to look for you, but without knowing your budget and where you live its hard to help. PM me if you want and I will have a search with you.

dldl Mon 28-Jan-13 19:44:07

Tiggy - I wish I had the cash to get a BJCE double - they seem so lovely and I love by big fat wheels.

Unfortunately I don't think my budget will stretch that far - it literally is just for occasional use.

I've looked online and within my price rang there are loads of umbrella fold doubles, P&Ts, and then there are some Graco DuoSport/Mothercare Duolite/M&P Aria Twins floating about. Any advice on any of these for side by sides? Not loving the thought of a tandem.

Tiggywunkle Mon 28-Jan-13 00:04:33

The Elite Double pushed fab and TBH its not a dissimilar size to the BJCM when folded if you remove the big back wheels. I loved mine - it was bouncy and a dream to push!

dldl Sun 27-Jan-13 15:03:21

They did do a BJCE double but it was sooo heavy it's been discontinued. I'm sure it'd push beautifully but there's no way I could store it in our flat sad.

Thanks anyway. Will let you know how I get on with my searches!

Ihateparties Sun 27-Jan-13 00:51:15

Oooh well don't they do a double elite, i'm sure they do or classic. That'd push nice grin
All dcs are curious, it's the nature of the beast! But you've reminded me we did have something dd stuck her head out of the side of. Can't remember what it was though.. may have been the buggyboard with seat. Hmmm. That will bug me now...

dldl Sat 26-Jan-13 23:30:14

Hmm....think I see myself as more of a side-by-side person, especially with a very curious DS who will just be permanently leaning out sideways if he's in the second seat of a tandem!

Thank you for the tips. I'm going to scour Gumtree/Ebay/Preloved and try to find a double that isn't an umbrella fold and that is relatively lightweight.

Hadn't really set a budget - really hoping to spend the minimum possible.
I just have to be realistic and realise it aint going to push anywhere near as easily/nicely as my BJCE!

Tiggywunkle Sat 26-Jan-13 00:10:08

I prefer tandems too - I think you naturally prefer tandems or side by sides. The Smyths Dimples Duo would allow the children to face each other which is good. I agree that umbrella folds are generally hard work. I would pick anything up cheap off Ebay which isnt an umbrella fold. I loved my Air Buggy Mimi and I think I only paid about £80-100 for it. It folded pretty neatly. Or otherwise the good 'old Baby Jogger City Mini Double.

Ihateparties Fri 25-Jan-13 11:45:24

If you did get a tandem i guess you would alternate. I wouldn't fancy pushing an umbrella side by side far or often, there is a cheap single handle graco i would choose over that but also i am a tandem person due to small doors, local shops and pavements.

dldl Fri 25-Jan-13 10:14:58

Didn't want to start yet another thread on this exact same topic, but thought I'd post on the end here.

I will be looking after someone else's baby 1 day a week so will have an 11 month old as well as my 15 month old. I want to make sure I can get out and about easily with them and therefore think it's worth picking up a cheap double buggy. Really need suggestions please! The little ones are both a little on the chunky side but not huge, so just not practical to use the sling for one and the single buggy.

Won't need a massive basket for shopping. Will probably be just for trips to the park, going to the local children's centre. Don't think I want anything massive though as worried where it's going to be stored. (I already have 2 buggies sitting at home that are listed on a cheap impulse buy and the other our nursery buggy that I no longer need as drive to work/nursery now...whoops...I decided I'd sell whichever got bought first!)

Suggestions welcome please. Do I want a simple double umbrella style or are they just a total pain to fold and push? Do I want something like a combi or aria twin? Do I want a cheap tandem (these just don't appeal - how will I decide which baby gets the good view?!)? Do I want to try look really hard to get something better for cheap? Please advise.

aswellasyou Wed 18-Jan-12 17:12:45


Tiggywunkle Wed 18-Jan-12 16:54:59

Gosh isn't t bad when a virtual stranger knows your height lololol

Tiggywunkle Wed 18-Jan-12 16:54:31

Yes I am. It was just a tad too high for me when using two hands. But I also have back issues which it aggravated. You could be fine. Try pushing your single two handed and see how it feels (I usually push one handed!) I cant wait for the GT with the adjustable handle.

aswellasyou Wed 18-Jan-12 11:23:59

I think Tiggy's 5'6" too. The single and double both have 105cm high handles.

OhFraktiousTree Wed 18-Jan-12 05:40:53

How high is the handle? Same as the single? I'm 5ft6 if that makes a difference

Tiggywunkle Tue 17-Jan-12 23:18:07

The Double BJCM is very good. Just bear in mind that a) handle height for a single doesn't really matter that much, but in a double, when you need two hands to push, it does make a difference. I love my single BJCMs but the double was too high for me b) the basket space is restricted - not an issue unless you do shopping. Its got the good storage nets on the back. You can't go far wrong though to be honest and they have a good resale value later.

OhFraktiousTree Tue 17-Jan-12 18:15:03

Size for car doesn't matter. I have a single BJCM so would be quite happy with a double I reckon.

aswellasyou Sat 14-Jan-12 23:33:39

Or maybe the Kids Kargo Duelette but we need to find out about age suitability first. Although you could use a Britax seat on it for the youngest until s/he reaches 6 months.

Tiggywunkle Sat 14-Jan-12 21:48:15

Does size eg for a car boot matter?
For one day a week I woud get an umbrella fold like the My Child Sienta Duo but the front seat reclines on these can be quite minimal. Or look for a B-Dual or Hauck Duett going cheap. All these fold in one. Or else just pick a random side by side off EBay - a Nipper, Air Buggy Mimi, Baby Jogger City Mini etc. it's easier to find a good problem free side by side than it is a tandem.

OhFraktiousTree Sat 14-Jan-12 20:13:39

Ummm no idea?! I don't really know how much doubles are, just that the ones I would get for FT use are pretty pricy! Not fussed about it being second hand though.

aswellasyou Sat 14-Jan-12 19:23:24

How cheap do you mean?

OhFraktiousTree Sat 14-Jan-12 18:13:18

I'm looking after a friend's DD 1 day a week for 3/4 months so want a cheap double in case of need.

Be available online, ideally with shipping to Europe
Be suitable from 3 months (her DD will be 3 mo, my DS 11mo)
Fold in one, ideally not too huge

Not too fussed on basket space, width, ability to go off road or manoeuvrability as we won't be going shopping or trekking!

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