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What pushchair fits in a Fiat 500??

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Sezrah Wed 21-Dec-11 13:02:01

This is my first post, so bare with me!

Our baby is due in May and am thinking pushchairs/buggies at the moment. I have a fiat 500 and I have no idea what type/make of buggy will fit in the boot. Space is limited and I fear not being able to get a buggy and shopping in the car.

Before I decide to sell my beloved car for a bigger model, is anyone out there managing with a buggy, baby and shopping in a Fiat 500?
Any info is most appreciated

BrassMonkeyBaubles Wed 25-Jan-12 18:59:21

Seed pli fits. Search ebay.

Joelmo Sun 19-May-13 19:41:23

Having spent a long time on the Internet and various shops I can offer some advice I hope!

The recaro babyzen does fit- both frame and buggy attachment bit but I didnt like the fact that the buggy was only forward facing and the seat is hard. It's also expensive. Also I found it a bit tricky squeezing the recaro infant car seat behind the seat- do-able but harder than the maxi cosi pebble.

The iCandy peach jogger fits with one wheel off and the buggy bit will also fit in the boot on top of the frame with the handrail bit taken off

However, I have just discovered that the easy walker June fits into the boot with the buggy seat attached and no wheels need to be removed. It's also cheaper than the recaro and has forward and rear facing seats. The pram attachment can also be bought for it (although I'm not sure this would fit in the boot!). It has attachments that mean you can fit a maxi cosi or be safe car seat to it too. I was lucky and got a great deal at the baby show. I can't comment on it in terms of usability because baby hasn't arrived yet but I have tried it on road, gravel, rough track and grass and it's fine. I have even managed to fold it and take the seat off without trouble so that's a bonus!

Hope that helps all you people with a lovely fiat 500! X

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