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360 budget...nipper, mac xlr, both? Other

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mummyistheword Wed 21-Dec-11 00:54:08

not been on for a while!!,,,,still been pushchair buying though! House move curbed my habit ever so briefly! Currently have a nearly new teds after a bad exp with a mb urban and terrible customer service from where I got it. Sick of the phil and teds, heavy, too many accessories to use, i have too much storage! Not usually a complaint of mine. Miss my nipper double as dd1 is nearly four and dd2is 17 mnths, hankering after new v2! was best buggy pushed by a mile, really should get the new single nipper I suppose and maybe the free rider if it attaches, like the easy fold and big foot cover of xlr though, looks so sturdy, could put in car boot and nipper for walks? We walk about 2 miles a day....set to increase after hols, waiting for sales after Xmas but any suggestions?! Dd2 is v big , dd1 is 18 kg and nearly four, think the toddler must be around 13 kg by now, she won't stand long on scales! Will love anyone who says get nipper double but can manage without if am honest!

Sillyoldelf Wed 21-Dec-11 00:57:59

Erm I would get the nipper double . Loved mine sad.

TwinkleWunkleChristmasStar Wed 21-Dec-11 03:44:20

I don't believe the Freerider attaches to a Nipper yet? The max weight load limit I think is 20kgs without looking it up too? I don't know if that helps? To be honest, I would get the double Nipper V3, curb your cravings and make the walk easier!

TwinkleWunkleChristmasStar Wed 21-Dec-11 03:44:45

V2! Not 3!

TwinkleWunkleChristmasStar Wed 21-Dec-11 03:45:42

Oh and check carefully if you buy a V2 because I hear the first batch had brake issues ie not locking!!!

aswellasyou Wed 21-Dec-11 10:02:05

I would get a Nipper of some form, but I hate Maclarens. There's no way on this planet I'd walk 2 miles a day with an XLR.

mummyistheword Wed 21-Dec-11 17:44:33

Ha ha! Yes something has stopped me thus far from buying a maclaren for main buggy use....hmmmm can't put finger on why, maybe the storage thing, looks scrappy when all the coats and bags end up on hood maybe? And we have lots stuff! Then would tip I'm thinking. Love to people saying buy a double v2 nipper!!! Sooo bad though, dd1 walks and walks bless her! She has nearly fallen twice in the ice though....I had her arm as thought she might! Good job, safer in buggy though but surely she would look too big and I'd get judgy looks! Head says order the single and spend rest on a fancy new bag of some kind for me! Point taken on the xlr, air tyres better even for just uneven paths if you not the off road type, I'm not really. Weirdly dd2 is amazing walker, obv have to take buggy every ime out though, Thanks!!

bubblebubblebubblepop Wed 21-Dec-11 19:10:07

Got XLR, great except for storage. Have Buggyweights to stop tipping, work a treat. Walk similar distance and it's fine, with buggyboard it's nice to have the height-adjustable handles so you don't have to crouch over so much.

mummyistheword Wed 21-Dec-11 22:41:15

Ok, un expected additional funds due to good resale other buggys.....thinking bee plus!! Getting all excited, off to read other threads no doubt already here on this buggy, had a bee for dd1 but swapped for doubles the plus better bigger seat? Hmmmm then could get the wheeled board and be all matching, and a cup holder....hmmmm lightweight, no punctures, easy to fold etc etc.....

RomeoTheFather Fri 28-Jun-13 09:41:41

Because of good review for the Nipper Double V2 excluding the brake problem I choose to order the nipper V3 Double from They are the cheapest I could find and I've been searching a lot. They have improved the previous brake issue in Nipper V2.

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