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Does anyone hate their bugaboo?

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2wwmadness Wed 09-Nov-11 16:58:43

sigh my head is pickled! Today dh and I did our 3rd pushchair look for our 1st dc due early may. Where do you begin?!? The lady in John Lewis (who was my friends mum and knew I would actually buy somewhere else, so told me "honestly official you were my daughter") completely convinced us into a bugaboo. I do like it, and it did look promising. But not sure why it costs so much more?!? Has anyone been dissapointed?
Could you wise ladies better the bugaboo? I like the silver cross surf (looked flimsy stood next to the bugaboo, basket seemed tiny aswell) and the quinny (dh hates, dunno why?!?)
It has to have 4 wheels (another dh's specification has this thing about it being secure and safe and sturdy for his little one) ideally look cool and funky bright colours ect. We live in a major city in the uk but my parents live in the countryside 40 mins away. So will need to be used at their house and on and off public transport, ideally the baby could sleep in the carrycot For overnight stays at my mils.Needs to fit un the back of a hatchback car, and ideally last through so I don't have to buy another pushchair when dc is a toddler.
Dh works away so I would have to be able to manage the assembly ect by myself. And also be able to carry it. Obviously th baby being comfortable an safe is a must.
I don't even know where to begin! Totally won over by the bugaboo and will buy it if it really is the best. But worried they are a bit "yummy mummy" and emporer's new clothes. Are they really worth it?

Tigresswoods Wed 09-Nov-11 17:02:07

Not sure about the bugaboo but I do think travel systems are ace in the first 6 months. Nice to have options of pram & car seat on frame. Once baby is a bit bigger tho you may resent (as I did) the space it takes up.

I 'm sure you'll get lots of comments on this one!

suzie38 Wed 09-Nov-11 17:18:44

Well i loved my second hand Frog and second hand generation 1 Cameleon...Sold both at the begining of the year simply because i wanted to try different pushchairs out...Then 2 weeks ago i bought a brand new all black limited edition Cameleon...I really don't like it, mostly because the handle is too high, as i've discovered it doesn't go as low as the generation 1 version...Only noticed it once using it with a now heavier toddler on board so it feels really uncomfortable to push...I'm 5'2" for the record...i'm now going to sell it as i prefer to use another pushchair i have, that has a low handle.

2wwmadness Wed 09-Nov-11 17:22:23

Thanks! I'm 5"3 (just) so interesting. Can you still buy the generation 1? Would the one in John Lewis today e the newest model? I'm guessing yes. Out of interest what did you buy after your bugaboos? Where they better?

Tiggywunkle Wed 09-Nov-11 17:43:51

I had a Chameleon and loved it. It's not the easiest pushchair to use but as a travel system / carrycot it's one of my top three. I have since had two iCandy Peaches and a Uppababy Vista and I think both are better. But any of these three would serve you well. The Vista is probably the best value for money but I love the way the Chameleon looks. All are fab pushchairs. Just don't get a Quinny! You can do better than that!

StellaAndFries Wed 09-Nov-11 17:48:15

I have a bee and have had a frog in the past. I love my bee for its compact fold, lightweight to push, very lightweight to carry. Dd3 is 3 years old and we are still using it rather than buying a stroller, she is very small and I have heard some people complain that it's not very big for a larger child.

mrsravelstein Wed 09-Nov-11 17:49:53

i got a bugaboo bee when i had dd, having had cheap & cheerful graco prams for ds1 and ds2. absolutely love it, a dream to push in comparison to the cheaper ones.

Kayano Wed 09-Nov-11 18:11:06

I candy strawberry

suzie38 Wed 09-Nov-11 18:39:55

You can only buy generation 1 'preloved' ie second hand...Don't ask how many i've had because i've lost count but it's over 10...Many of those i've not liked and lost big money on.

suzie38 Wed 09-Nov-11 18:40:57

My current love is my Brio Go.

cairnterrier Wed 09-Nov-11 18:52:49

I've got a bugaboo bee (old style) and I love it. We've had it since DS was born and never contemplated getting another pushchair. Reasons that I think that it's fab

1) v easy to push, even now DS is 22 months
2) folds very easily and in one piece as well so no faffing about with chair then chassis
3) the seat is suitable from birth so no need to store a carry cot once they've grown out of it (or buy one in the first place)
4) DS still has a nap during the day and he looks so comfy as he can lie just about flat, rather than reclined (think bed rather than airline seat).
5) DS still fits in it well even with fleece liner and thick winter coat
6) very easy to put up - I'm not a bit fan of travel systems. When they're very small, they're not meant to stay in car seats for more than 2 hours at a time. So if you're going to town, say 10 mins faffing whilst you leave the house, 20 mins drive/park etc and then the same on the way back. That only leaves you 1 hour to shop in and no time for coffee and cake (criminal). The bee is so easy to put up that I never needed to use the car seat converters as it was just as quick to put DS in the bugaboo and then no time limits
7) big underneath basket
8) can face both to and from parent.
9) nice big sunshade to cover baby (and when he was very new, it somehow made me feel that he was safer because he was so well covered.

Have I mentioned that I like my Bee? grin

Yes it was more expensive but in terms of cost per use, really not much money at all. and I could still sell it on ebay and get back some of the money.

pramsgalore Wed 09-Nov-11 19:17:54

i have owned 2 [still own one at the moment] and as lovely as they are, if i was having a baby again i would not choose one, there are alot of really nice pushchairs out there now that i think are better, and i certainly would not be buying a bugaboo bee, there has been lots of wheel issues and they have already thought they had resolved this but alass are having to do it again!!!!!
i would be looking at the
icandy peach
icandy strawberry out soon
uppababy vista
mima xari
all the above have 4 wheels, the xari being the most expensive and the vista the best value for money.

2wwmadness Wed 09-Nov-11 19:39:33

Thanks again! I don't like the way the iCandy look. Ficle I know. I just don't. So unfortunately that's out. I will look at the others but generally, most feedback is in favour of the bugaboo. Will keep investigating! Read very good things about th upababy. Think we need to go and see it

Zipitydooda Wed 09-Nov-11 19:51:47

I have a frog and the thing that annoys me is the space it takes up in the car and The fact it can't be folded in one piece. I also find it heavy; my sister has a twin buggy which feels much lighter
If you use public transport a lot then it will be a pain as you can't fold it and it's big.
If you walk a lot it's great and comfy for the baby. We also have the maxicosi carseat that fits onto the base which is very useful. With all of mine, I've switched to a lightweight maclaren when they are toddlers and for travelling.
At the time it was the only buggy of its sort (7 years ago) I might consider lighter, cheaper alternatives if I was buying now. Having said that, it has lasted 7 years and three babies/toddlers and still looks new.

KateShmate Wed 09-Nov-11 19:56:46

I know this is for Bugaboo-haters, but just had to share my love!
Unfortunately don't get to use my Bee+ as much as I would like to (problem with triplets!) but when I do, I just love it - I have absolutely no complaints.
Could go on and on about everything I love, but I love it all smile

Don't know if you knew already, but with the Bee+ you can use the Micralite torro carrycot (which is v.lovely!) on the Bee frame (with MC adaptors)- looks brilliant and makes a lovely pram. Personally wouldn't put a newborn in the Bee seat as its just quite bare and low down; also doesnt lie completely flat, but thats just IMO.
You will love a bee!

Catsu Wed 09-Nov-11 20:03:54

I'm on dc3. I have had many pushchairs over the years.
I got a 2nd hand chameleon for dc3 and it's far better than any other pram I've used. Love it

Mysecretumbrella Wed 09-Nov-11 20:13:50

Another vote for the Bee here. DD is 3 and it's still going strong!

Bit of a hijack but... Kate, do you know whether the micralite carrycot can be used with the old (2008) Bee. I have DC2 on the way and that would bf fantastic! have tried googling but can't find any info.

fallenoverflowerpot Wed 09-Nov-11 20:19:00

never had one - haven't got money to burn!

but EVERYONE (absolutely without exception) that I know who has bought one, has ended up with at least one other pushchair as well, as the BB turned out to be too big for public transport/boot of car if you have anything else in there at all/too expensive to risk flying with etc. etc.

MonkeyJuice Thu 10-Nov-11 07:36:23

I was disappointed with my cam when the seat stitching undid itself leaving a hole in the seam that supports baby's bum after 4 months, and at the same time I noticed a large hole in the basket (again on a seam where this time the fabric had pulled away and frayed leaving a v large hole). Having never experienced this type of problem with any other make of buggy I wad v dissapointed. Bugaboo were fab and replaced both parts within ten days but I completely lost faith in the product and sold it with the new parts on.
Worse still, I also had a bee+ and that developed the shimmy on the front wheels and bugaboo were not so good about this fault. I got rid of the bee+ too.
I am more than happy with my uppababy Vista which seems better design and quality at a lower price too.

fairimum Thu 10-Nov-11 09:50:53

I hated my bugaboosad tried lots of others and now settled on uppababy vista it is lovely and much much better quality than the bugaboo, customer service is fantastic (had a problem with zip on the hood, emailed them about it and a new hood arrived by courier the next day) - do try adn see one if you can they list shops that stock them on their website smile highly highly recommend - just wish i had brought this one first as i wouldnt have had to look for anything else!

SootySweepandSue Thu 10-Nov-11 09:59:14

Got a Bee. Great so far. Bought secondhand for about £200 then I made my own hood so it looks a bit different and got the cocoon and muff new. DD is 15mos and I think it will be our only buggy. Even if she gets too big for it (unlikely as she's little), I reckon if she fusses too much she should be walking smile.

Resale is very good on them, but I personally would not buy new unless I was minted.

aswellasyou Thu 10-Nov-11 10:42:35

2ww, was it the Bugaboo Cameleon or Bugaboo Bee you were looking at? I think the Cameleon is overpriced but is lovely to push. The two piece fold on my Gecko (basic version of the Cam) has started to bother me and it's quite awkward to get into the boot of a car neatly. The Bee wouldn't be good in the countryside but would be great on public transport.

Considering your EDD, I would wait a few months and look at:
Uppababy Vista
Baby Jogger City Select
Joolz Day
(all of the above are out now)
Easywalker June
2012 Silver Cross Surf (has air wheels and a bigger basket)
Under no circumstances, the Quinny Buzz, but possibly the Quinny Moodd.

Tiggywunkle Thu 10-Nov-11 10:55:11

I agree with the above apart from the City Select because as a single on it's own it is wide, big, heavy and has the front bits jutting out. Good as a single to tandem option though but I there's a lot neater singles. I forgot about the Easywalker June - it looks fab and is definitely worth reading about. I did ponder the Baby Jogger Versa for you but I don't believe it will be out before your due date.
Other less all singing and dancing options that would still do the job very well are the Baby Jogger City Mini and Elite and the Britax B-Agile. With one of this you are unlikely ever to ditch it for a lighter pushchair. They have carrycot and car seat options and are less money. I would choose which by height - the B-Agile has a low handle, the BJCM has a relatively high handle and the Elite has an adjustable handle smile Definitely worth a look.

teaandbiscuitsplease Thu 10-Nov-11 11:05:35

I had a cameleon and loved it.... and hated it!!

With DS1 I thought it was brilliant, did loads of walking and it was great for that and carrying shopping in the huge basket. The 2 piece fold and size in the boot didn't bother me and my only niggle was the seat was a bit too upright when fully sat up. However, I did stop using it at 16 months as my son was too big and too heavy at that point and ended up with a Maclaren XT.

Fast forward to DS2 and my views were very different - the cameleon became a right royal pain in the posterior! With 2 kids to deal with the fold and faffing about became really irritating. With the car seat adaptors it was OK, but as soon as DS2 moved to the seat unit it was just too much hassle, especially as we were using the car a lot more. It also didn't feel very safe - I'd already had the chassis replaced with DS1 because the handle wouldn't lock in place and I think that dented my confidence in it, after that I was never 100% confident it wasn't going to happen again and always a bit cautious, especially walking downhill (visions of pushchair rolling away while I stood there with the handle in my hand!!). My older son also kept launching himself on the pushchair in an attempt to kiss his brother which terrified me - he's a big boy and it felt like the whole thing was going to collapse when he did it, I had visions of them both ending up on the pavement!

If I had my time again, I wouldn't have bought the cameleon for DS1. It has now been sold (one upside they do hold their value well) and I now have a BJCM4 as my main pushchair which I love. Yes you can't change the colours and can't have little one face you, but it's a completely solid pushchair that feels like it can take anything (definitely not a description I'd use for the cameleon) and I am far happier with this.

razzdazz Thu 10-Nov-11 15:59:28

My cousin and my best friend both have cameleon's and both totally love them and have not purchased another buggy. Friends son is nearly 3 and cousins just turned two. I have just treated myself to the new denim fabric one and cant stop going to my mums to play with it blush

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