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Extra long, extra thick footmuff help please

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onetwothreefourfive Sat 29-Oct-11 19:37:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ObviouslyOblivious Sat 29-Oct-11 19:39:31

Would the Quinny Buzz sleeping bag footmuff be any good?

RandomMess Sat 29-Oct-11 19:43:39

Get a custom made one? Buggy snuggles do a long file faux fur that is thicker than their other stuff.

Off2CtheWorld Sat 29-Oct-11 19:47:54

We have one of this brand, very happy with it. Maybe this model will be long enough, it is supposed to expand:

Hmm. Not sure how waterproof it is though, sorry. hmm

Tiggywunkle Sat 29-Oct-11 20:06:12

I have a tall 3 year old and we have Buggysnuggles which are pretty good (we have the fur one and it's really thick) but even better is a Clair de Lune split legged footmuff which is really long! But it's not desperately long. We have just got. 7 A.M. Duo blanket which I thought would be draughty but it's like a snuggly duvet. I don't know if they make single ones but the cosy toes version look long in photos. The latter are shower proof but the other two aren't particularly. The Clair de lune one isn't the thickest but Ypu could always add a blanket. We have Quinny ones too which are fine on straight backed zip or toggle recline pushchairs eg a City Mini but it didn't work on bucket type seats like tilt and recline pushchairs as the bucket used up too much fabric. They are thick and warm and look waterproof.

HappyJoyful Wed 02-Nov-11 21:40:40

I asked a similar question elsewhere and got recommended a Kaiser Iglu... think it unzips at bottom for longer toddlers..

RandomMess Wed 02-Nov-11 21:44:23

Kaisers are fab, forgot about them, they do an extra long one and are super super thick and warm.

BikeRunSki Wed 02-Nov-11 21:48:07

You want a Kaiser XL. here. It's 105 cm long.

They are amazing.

My tall 3 yo used his as a sleeping bag when we went camping in the summer.

onetwothreefourfive Wed 02-Nov-11 23:01:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pearisotto Thu 12-Nov-15 14:54:59

I know this is an old thread but for those still looking, I use the 7am enfant blanket 212 evolution. Its extendable and i've been using it for years now (on my 3rd clind). best investment I ever made. totally washable and warm.

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