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Bugaboo Cam or M&P Sola - Any good advice out there!?

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Appleseed365 Tue 25-Oct-11 18:28:42


Finally we have narrowed it down to the Sola or a Bubaboo Cameleon. Woohoo!!

I like the Bug as it's narrower in width, lighter (approx 1kg), seems more cosy, and like the ease of flipping it forward to mum facing. Plus the resale is great. We do lots of walking outside of pavements and it appears to handle well. We will probably use a sling/ carrier for 'severe' off roading!

Hubby not sure as it seems fiddly to fold down - you have to remove the seat for collapsing it. Is it in reality?

Hubby likes the Sola and the fact it folds easily and can be stored upright.

We travel a fair bit with his work and need a pram to be easy to store, light and configurable. These both do this - any advice would be amazing.

I see the Bug gets rave reviews... but is the Sola just as good/ better?

Any key features that when if comes to actually using a pram we are missing?!

Thanks Mumsnetters... ;)

Tiggywunkle Tue 25-Oct-11 18:38:44

I can only speak for the Chameleon. I loved mine. It was fab to push and I liked it a lot.

It is relatively fiddly to fold down - yes you need to remove the seat. It won't freestand either. There's also a bit of "give" in the frame as you push.

I bought it because it was very slim and fitted into a small car boot, but by the time I got the included seat cover on, the cosy toes on and the bumper bar in place it filled my boot (plus I always had stuff left in the basket which meant it never folded completely flat either). It was actually a relief to downsize later on. I don't know how big the Sola is but I have just got the Urbo and its a lovely small neat package.

I didn't like the way by approx 6 months the baby's head was already laid on the canopy. But we bought a fleece hood. But its a minor niggle.

It did have a good resale value because inflation meant I sold it for more second hand than I bought it for!

I would definitely buy another Chameleon in the same position again.

raindroprhyme Tue 25-Oct-11 21:00:08

get the bug,the sola is a great city pram but is huge when folded and would be no good off the pavemnet. My sola is my second pushcahir and lives in the car.

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