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Nipper 360 double - storage baskets?

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karmathreefold Mon 24-Oct-11 16:58:49

I have a Nipper 360 double (yet to use it). The one I have is the dark retro one.

I want to buy a storage basket for it, but am confused, because lots of places are now selling stronger, bigger looking ones, that say they are for the V2 (which I guess is the new model).

Looking at the way they attach they seem similar to the older ones, so will the new ones fit my 360?

If not I'm guessing that I can buy an ordinary 360 double storage basket, and don't have to get a retro one (I think it's just the colour scheme that's different)?

Also is it worth buying tyre slime?

Many thanks

karmathreefold Mon 24-Oct-11 17:04:48

Looking at one site it says the new basket fits the V1 & the V2, but I have no idea what mine is, just that it is a 360.

The new basket does look bigger, but I have no experience with them

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