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Bargain BJCM from Boots

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teaandbiscuitsplease Wed 19-Oct-11 09:48:20

Thought I'd post this in case it helps anyone...

Boots have 10% off selected Baby Jogger at the moment. A lot of the BJCM3 singles are out of stock but they still have the purple for £175.50 with the offer. If you use code VCCK15 before close of business tomorrow (Thurs 20th) you can get an extra £15 off. It also has triple advantage points and if you're a member of the parenting club you get extra points so you'd get a total of £31.50 in points, meaning it would effectively cost you £129!!! As I said a lot of colours out of stock and the black is not included in the 10% but if you don't mind purple....

They also have 10% on the crimson and purple doubles, bringing them down to £332.99. With extra £15 off and triple / parenting club points of £59.76 this would come down to £258.23.

Hope this helps someone get a fantastic pushchair!

aswellasyou Wed 19-Oct-11 11:29:04

You also get 10% cashback through Quidco at the moment.

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