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Obaby Zezu or Maclaren Techno XLR?

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Melissad Mon 17-Oct-11 21:29:09

I'm torn between these two pushchairs for our baby which is due in 7 weeks time:|1_primary_10751_set_-1__10001?x=0&y=0&Ntt=maclaren+techno+xlr

I loved Maclaren pushchairs with my eldest daughters and used nothing else cos they were so easy to steer. I didn't know Maclaren even did one from newborn, so am very tempted with the XLR. But I also like the look of the Obaby pushchair and the reviews (but it looks bulkier and perhaps harder to steer?
Has anyone got experience of either of these pushchairs?

dinkystinky Mon 17-Oct-11 21:35:00

I had the XLR for DS2 - it is alot heavier than a maclaren quest and rather tricky to fold down single handedly but I quite liked it while DS2 was small (and was a good weight for the buggyboard to go on for DS1) - moved to quest when DS2 was 1 . Didnt try the Obaby I'm afraid.

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