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Advice and experience on different travel systems

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MrsRogers381 Sun 16-Oct-11 19:43:17

Hi everyone, Me and my husband are trying for our first baby so starting to look into things that we'll need to decide on. Been to a independent nursery store and seen the Icandy Peach (which we love) and Oyster Plush then been to Mama and Papas and seen the Sola and Rubix (like the rubix) and the Ultima MPX 9 in 1... so confused!!!!

The Icandy looks AMAAZING and know that we would love every minute when using it out and about but the size of the carry cot and pushchair seat scares me as it doesnt look like it will last till child is comfortable walking fully, seen a 10 month old today in one that was nearly looking uncomfortable and cramped?! dont want to spend best part of a grand to find we have to buy something else for the last 18 months!?
The Oyster would be nice just as a cheaper option to the Icandy but heard a few bad reviews and same issue re its size?

Me and my hubbie like the Rubix by M&P's and a couple were in the shop walking round with one and kid had loads of room left in it and looked really comfy.. I've read that the front wheels squeak and frame at front can scratch when folding but we look after our things and sure a bit of oil on the wheels would prevent any squeaking?

The Ultima MPX looks very tough and long term option but probably wouldnt use it as a moses basket on a stand at home and doesnt look very stylish... paul unfortunately loves shiny metal pushchairs lol.

Our main requirements are: ability to fit car seat on, possibly carry cot (if winter baby more than any other time of yr), Easily pushed, decent basket, stylish, good for town and woodland walkies, fit in a Renault Clio boot and plenty of room for growth to make it last to long haul.

Any realistic opinions would be lovely smile

Thanks ladies,

Lizi xx

Tiggywunkle Sun 16-Oct-11 20:53:33

Don't worry about the Peach. Get one and enjoy it smile It's one of my absolute favourite pushchairs. These photos show my daughter aged 2.10 years in the main seat. She is really tall for her age - 99cms and theresstill bags of room and she's now just over three. The Peach hood slides up the chassis and eventually unzips to give more head room - we haven't needed to unzip the hood yet. The liner also zips out to gve more height and width. It's actually a pretty big seat. The footrest rotates down giving more leg room as the child grows too. There's loads of photos and information on Best Buggy about the Peach. We are huge fans smile

aswellasyou Sun 16-Oct-11 22:10:52

My suggestion would be to look properly when you're about 5 months pregnant. There are loads of new ones due out next year that could be perfect but we only know them in theory at the moment. I can understand the excitement and wanting to look now but 9 months is a long timr in pushchair land. smile

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