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icandy peach vs Babystyle Oyster - which would you go for?

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MrsCog Sat 15-Oct-11 15:13:06

The title says it all really. i'm Pg with DC1 and not sure which one to go for, having done loads of reasearch I think these two best suit our lifestyle and I can't really pick between them. What are your experiences? And which would you go for?

Thanks smile

melliebobs Sat 15-Oct-11 15:36:36

me and DH are pg with DC1 and we two narrowed our prams of choice to iCandy peach jogger, quinny buzz and oyster. We ruled out the oyster purely cos of the way it folds down. I thought it had quite a knack to it and in the shop dh really struggled with it. It's not hard i know but was thinking if my mum has baby at all she could do with being able to pop it up n down easy enough. Also we ruled out the oyster for vanity reasons in that it doesn't look as nice! On the flip side though compared to iCandy peach it is a good £400 cheaper! lol happy shopping!

GoodAndBluts Sat 15-Oct-11 15:50:17

I would say Oyster but only because the seat is bigger so would last longer. Thecolour packs are also an added bonus.

Have you seen the Icandy Strawberry yet? Released soon and does so much more.

MrsCog Sat 15-Oct-11 16:06:14

Hi melliebobs - I think I remember you from one of the busses - is your DC a Feb/March too?

I think I'm torn because I'm in love with the peach, but know that the oyster is the much better value option, and probably almost (or just as) good. I am encouraged by the seat being bigger though.

DH has said no to any Quinny (which would also be a good option for us) 'becuase it's the french term for flange' hmm

GoodAndBluts Sat 15-Oct-11 16:08:16

The Peach is lovely to look at and I bet lovely to push. I would have got a Peach myself had they been out when DS3 was born. Neither the Peach or Oysters were out though <damn it>.

melliebobs Sat 15-Oct-11 16:18:56

hiya mrscog yerr i'm on the feb bus. just about to make my way back over there and see what's going on. Not been on for 2 weeks! lol

stripeybumpinthenight Sat 15-Oct-11 16:20:24

I was looking at all the ones you mention and have ended up with a Mamas and Papas Sola. Worth a look, v stylish!

aswellasyou Sat 15-Oct-11 16:25:20

The Peach is supposed to be a fantastic pushchair and you could add another seat on for a future child. The Oyster is a good all rounder though, but ddfinitely buy the air tyres if you get it. I would never recommend the Buzz to anyone.

Tiggywunkle Sat 15-Oct-11 20:10:56

I am on my second Peach (long story) and absolutely love it. I took it out today as a single (it's usually a double) and parent facing it was gorgeous. I have pushed a lot of pushchairs but you have to go a long way to beat a Peach. It just works all round ie small fold, big basket, comfy for a baby or 3 year old, large hood, big seat, adjustable comfy handle, easy brake, easy fold and more. Highly recommended here smile

fairimum Sat 15-Oct-11 20:14:29

uppababy vista!

chocoBOO Sat 15-Oct-11 20:32:23

I have an Oyster - my DD is 8 months now and it's been really great.

The folding mechanism is easy peasy, v similar to the Peach but less cash. The carrycot was comfy and she seems to have no objection to the pushchair so far!

Kayano Sun 16-Oct-11 02:08:30

I agree with the poster above who said hold out for the iCandy strawberry grin

MrsCog Sun 16-Oct-11 08:50:24

Noooo - no more choices! I have had a look at the strawberry though... it's nice - does anyone know when it's due out?

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