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Turning my iCandy apple into a pear?

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Scaredconfusedexcited Fri 14-Oct-11 21:18:30

already have the full apple for ds, now expecting again and wondering if I can just buy a pip convertor to turn it into a double?

Only asking as the pear they advertise on there website seems to be a carry cot/buggy seat combo rather than the two separate units for the apple?

Also is it at all possible to actually push the pear with a baby and toddler inside??? The weight must be unreal hmm

Tiggywunkle Fri 14-Oct-11 22:19:37

You need the Pear convertor kit like this:
You get two seat units - both are smaller than the Apple one. The Apple is the largest and can be used in the upper position instead of the larger Pear blue (upper) seat, and you get the lower yellow seat too.
You get the pip convertor to put the seats onto the Apple chassis, and also the larger Pear wheels which you need to swap over.
The carrycot fabric (you can't use the Appe carrycot), car seat adaptors are extras.
I found the Pear to be really good to push on the straight, but when I stopped eg to browse in a shop I found the wheels got stuck and needed a good wiggle to straighten to get going again. They were so bad that I got cross and locked my front wheels before eventually selling my Pear because of this. I thought it was just my Pear but others I have spoken to reported the same and iCandy say it's to do with the weight. You find similar with some three wheeler pushchairs where the front wheel sticks sideways when you stop. But it's one of the lightest tandems to push otherwise. There's loads of photos etc here
My only other caution with the Pear is to bear in mind that the smaller yellow seat is always the lower one. It's worth looking carefully at the seating positions because the children always have to face the same way and the baby will be the lower position. But it's one of the better tandems - fingers crossed for better wheels than I had!

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