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Nanny01 Thu 13-Oct-11 12:32:35

Dh is concerned as we are expecting a January baby that we we need a decent full sized pram and was wondering wether we should get a second hand one of ebay as people don't seem to keep them. Or are there any other options for a proper pram as he has already said we will get the babyjogger city mini for when baby is bigger. I would like to sleep our new ds in it during the day and to be able to take him out up to the shops. Just wondering what others thought.

pramsgalore Thu 13-Oct-11 12:45:08

don't think you can beat emmaljunjla, but mamas and papas ultima with either big boucy frame or mpx frame, [the first would be best for snow etc]. are good and there are loads on ebay. i would look through local ebay and see what comes up, there are so many different ones out there. i don't think i would want to put a baby in winter in a city mini even with the carrycot to be honest, but i know alot of people do though, and for walking big prams are lovely for newborns and would save you buying a moses basket, mamas and papas do mattrasses for there pram tops that are thicker than the one it comes with, i bought one for mine so lo could sleep in it during the day.

Tiggywunkle Thu 13-Oct-11 14:03:27

I am the opposite. I see no point in a huge pram. I think the City Mini carrycot (there's a hard or soft cot) with a snowsuit / blankets or baby buggy snuggle or whatever would serve you well. By March or April it could well be nice and warm. But if you have space, money then a pram is a nice indulgence but you don't need one as such! If you are a serious walker then something like an iCandy Peach or Bugaboo Chameleon or Babystyle Oyster etc. may be nice in between option ie a more sturdy pushchair with a carrycot but not a huge beastie smile I didn't feel the need to swap my Chameleon for a stroller because it's not that huge folded / in the boot nor heavy.

nicm Thu 13-Oct-11 16:12:01

i looked at the emmaljunga 3 in 1 and then went with the teutonia spririt s3(dp decided we needed a 3 wheeler). i like big prams, ds1 was a spring and ds2 a winter baby and i loved having the big carrycot for them to sleep in. used it instead of a moses basket. ds2 is still in the carrycot at 9 months! blush i walk loads though and fold it once or twice a week to put in the car for shopping etc.


nicm Thu 13-Oct-11 16:13:46

oh and i used it with ds1 for nearly 3 years daily until ds2 was born then went to the teutonia double. have a mclaren for travelling but big pram is much easier to push and the seat is rf so i can talk away to them.


TruthSweet Fri 14-Oct-11 15:47:18

I loved my Emmaljunga and found it so easy to push even in snow up a hill with a child on the buggy board while slinging a toddler (I had DD1 aged 4 on bb, DD2 aged 3 in pram [was ill last winter] and DD3 aged 1 in the sling).

It's great in the cold too as the hoods are padded and the pram apron can be used over the cosy toes on the pushchair seat (has a zipped pocket with a leg covering inside) so it's very warm.

I got it for £50, used it for 18m then sold it for £50 so it cost me nothing (it was 5y/o when I sold it). I think they lose value really quickly then keep it for ages so I'd definitely suggest getting on 2nd hand rather than new.

stressheaderic Wed 19-Oct-11 19:12:43

We looked at getting one second hand too, they look so traditional and sturdy and I really wanted a 'proper pram' for the first 6ish months for my winter baby. Went for a Silver Cross Freeway in the end which has served us brilliantly (now using it again for this winter, DD is 20 months) alongside a Maclaren Quest stroller for holidays and in the car.

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