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Bugaboo Bee 2011 wheel swivel problem

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MrsBloodyTroll Thu 13-Oct-11 08:55:18

Wanted to start a thread for the Bugaboo Bee 2011 wheel problems.

We had already requested a fix, but I got an email from Bugaboo last week saying that this problem has arisen as a result of the fix for the shimmying wheels issue.

I see this as a safety issue. Say you're crossing the road and your front wheel turns sideways and won't swivel. Your buggy stops dead. Let's hope the approaching car also stops!

Our independent retailer is liaising with Bugaboo for us about it. New wheels were supposed to be coming to fix it, but now I'm doubting that will be a good enough fix. It seems to be widespread.

Bugaboo's email promised to communicate the proposed solution this/next week. Which tells me they didn't have a solution at the time of sending the email. Will a quickly-thrown-together fix be good enough, or will that break too?

I'd be gutted if I had to get a refund as, apart from this, I love my Bee! We had a Cameleon before but the Bee is far better suited to our needs, and so much more compact. I wouldn't go back to a Cam.

Anyone else having this issue? Seems to only be for Bees made in 2011.

pramsgalore Thu 13-Oct-11 09:23:04

i had an old bee, and with in weeks the back wheel fell apart, i refused the repair and got a refund, i have been tempted with the new bee, but was quickly put off by all the problems it is having and the lack of a proper repair. i would be going down the route of getting my money back as they are not fit for purpose.

Hungrydragon Thu 13-Oct-11 21:00:42

They are fixing it, and the safety issue in question has happened already. are you getting wheel shimmy or are your wheels jamming?

If they are jamming you will get new wheels with metal bearings (the plastic didn't work) if you just get the shimmy you will get the washers.

I have the new wheels and thus far they are brilliant, it's such an improvement. Bugaboo have stopped sale of the Bee until they have dealt with all existing owners and Bees in production.

Trading standards state a viable fix has to be provided which is what they are doing. In the meantime until your new wheels come they suggest you use the wheel in the fixed position.

Don't deal with the retailer contact Bugaboo direct, they have been advising retailers to get customers to contact them.

MrsBloodyTroll Fri 14-Oct-11 00:47:10

Thank you HungryDragon, relieved to hear that the new wheels have worked for you!

Our issue is the wheels jamming.

Didn't realise they have stopped sales of the Bee. Wow! That's really quite drastic!

I need to call the retailer anyway so will do so tomorrow. They have already handled one part replacement for us as the seat fold broke, and they were excellent that time, want to give them a chance.

EmmaNicole Fri 14-Oct-11 06:58:31

I have the wheel shimmying problem (so it's strictly a 2010 problem rather than 2011) Bugaboo sent me the washers which have been working great for a few months but they've started shimmying again and I've had to change the washers. I contacted Bugaboo and they said that the washers are just a temporary fix and they are looking at something more permanent. I also had a problem with the extendable seat unit which would not say in the fully-extended position. Both times the service from Bugaboo has been excellent but I'm very disappointed in the quality of the product for the price you pay and I won't be purchasing anything else from them in the future. It's a case of style over substance I'm afraid.

Hungrydragon Fri 14-Oct-11 07:20:31

Their other products are excellent, and the bee is vert well engineered but the wheel shimmy is an arse.

Mrs Troll if your wheels are jamming, although it is a pain Bugaboo are suggesting you fix the front wheels until the can send you the new ones.

MrsBloodyTroll Wed 19-Oct-11 22:02:31

For some reason we couldn't lock/fix the front wheels, they were that bad!

New wheels arrived today and seem okay. Taking the buggy out tomorrow...wish me luck!

LittleOne76 Fri 21-Oct-11 23:31:25

I've got s 2011bee and have the wheel jamming problem. It's been an issue crossing the road and also coming off escalators. I know now to not use the front wheels when getting off the escalator but this was early days on a first escalator experience with the bee and it was a bit scary when the front wheels jammed.

I have to keep checking that the front wheels are pointing straight ahead and it's quite a hassle.

I've ordered the replacement metal wheels from bugaboo direct. There's a link on the website and you fill in your details including the bee serial number. I think there's a 3-4 week wait for the replacements. I just hope they do the trick...!

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