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pushchair or travel system?

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absam32 Tue 11-Oct-11 13:03:39

Help please! - 4 and a bit months pregnant and have just started looking around for a suitable buggy/pram which will be suitable for a newborn and not need to be replaced within 5 minutes. I just cant believe the amount of choice there is...the shop assistant in mothercare was really pushing a travel system such as the Babycare Oyster, but I've also read some great reviews on here for the far simpler (and less expensive) maclaren techno xt style pushchair which lies flat so suitable from birth. Honestly, how useful is it to have detachable carry cot, car seat etc etc? The cost is not really an issue, I just want the most practical option. Is going for a pushchair style just a false economy? Am lost, any advice from mums who've been there would be really appreciated.

Tiggywunkle Tue 11-Oct-11 15:21:14

What is your lifestyle now? Eg where fo you shop, how far is the health centre etc. Will you drive a lot or walk a lot? I think if you buy a huge travel system eg some of the Silvercross ones then you are extremely likely to swap for something smaller if you use the car a lot. If you always walk straight from your home then you probably can buy anything! There is a happy medium too of something that is a travel system and is easy to use but isn't huge either. But in many ways you do right to start with something like a Maclaren, or look at the Baby Jogger series or Britax pushchairs because there's some compact pushchairs there which are sturdy enough for everyday use but don't have huge folds. Think of other things like where will you put shopping or a changing bag or a handbag. Will a large hood be useful in summer? If you walk a lot, does the raincover fold up small or does it have a frame in it?

Ruth1234 Tue 11-Oct-11 15:42:32

If you are considering a lightweight, stroller type option like the xt, have a look at the mclaren XLR - a step up from the xt I think (adjustable handles, poss a bit roomier?). And with the XLR you can convert it into a travel system by buying a carrycot (nice to have the baby facing you for the first few weeks). The Recaro baby seat also attaches to the XLR.

Also have a look at the Obaby 3tec... A little seen pushchair but with the benefits of a stroller (lightweight, compact) and a travel system (can face either way, can attach carry cot and car seat if you want them)... I've just got one, it's great. I started off with the XLR with a carrycot when DD was born, but I underestimated how much I'd like the option to have her parent facing, even after she was too big to fit in the XLR carrycot.

Good luck!

aswellasyou Tue 11-Oct-11 16:23:32

I'd say the sales assistant was doing well pushing the Oyster. It's a really decent all rounder. Mothercare SAs normally push their own brand styles that are awful!
I wouldn't have been happy with a stroller from birth and I hate Maclarens! grin You need to have a really good think about what you want and what you need before choosing.

absam32 Tue 11-Oct-11 18:08:03

Thanks for advice ladies...yes I suppose lifestyle makes a big difference. I'd say that most everyday things are definitely within walking distance, except perhaps the food shop or visiting family and friends that don't live close. I'd probably try and avoid buses if possible - most of the things I need are within walking distance or if not I'd take the car. I guess I've just read a lot on here about people chopping and changing quite a lot which seems amazing to me when you're talking about hundreds of pounds at a time. I'd like to avoid that if i can...I was planning on taking DH along to look at the Oyster so maybe we'll check out the Britax/XLR's too thanks Tiggywunkle and Ruth1234.

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