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Which Colour Muff

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TeaMakesItBetter Tue 11-Oct-11 11:59:11

I've got an "off white" yes, I know a cream shock Bugaboo Cameleon and now I need a footmuff.

I'm not actually idiotic enough to buy the footmuff in cream as over the winter the boy is going to start walking and apparently cream + baby boy + wet muddy shoes is not that great a combination.

So which colour to go with the cream hood and standard black surround/grey base?

I'm between charcoal grey (goes with base), dark blue (goes with nothing but might be nice?) and black (goes with surround but a bit dull? or chic?).

Also - anywhere to get them cheaper? Cheapest I've found is £85 online <mug emoticon but in for a penny in for a (lot of) pound>

pramsgalore Tue 11-Oct-11 12:06:01

i have a white pushchair and i have a stripey buggysnuggle on it at the mo, it came with a red seat cushion which looks great against the white. so i would say red, but the blue would look really good too smile black/grey is safe though but will still show the mud

aswellasyou Tue 11-Oct-11 12:15:31

I think I'd go with black myself. I reckon it would be more trés chic than dull. wink
They're £95 at Mothercare and on buy one get one half price. So if there's something else you've been planning to buy to go with your pushchair, that may work out cheaper overall. And you can get 5% cashback through Quidco. smile

TeaMakesItBetter Tue 11-Oct-11 12:29:44

Thanks! I found an online store with £10 off and an actual store with them in stock, who do pricematch. So I think I will go down to the shop with the pram and try them against the hood to see which I like best. And hope I don't come away with the cream one.

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