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Britax Bsmart 3 or 4 or else the oyster?

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pollyhelene Mon 10-Oct-11 22:23:14


I'm a first timer looking at prams and am keen on the oyster, but trying to make sure I've checked out similar and am not blinkered by it too much, as I know not all reviews are good.

I've just come across the Britax Bsmart and can't find much about it - I know it was the vigour previously, but there is not a lot about that either. Can anyone tell me anything they like or hate about it, and most importantly whether it is a serious contender to the oyster?


suzie38 Mon 10-Oct-11 22:34:30

The seat isn't very upright so my DD refused to sit in it and would make herself slide out especially as there's no footrest, only a leg rest...And it seemed massive but i think that's mainly caused by the hood...I loved the Vigour though.

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