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Silver Cross Pop / Pop Sport - same handle height?

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Grumpla Sun 09-Oct-11 21:39:19

My friend came round the other day with a Silver Cross Pop Sport which I really liked the look of mainly due to the high handles - a good 10cm higher than my Maclaren Quest which is slightly too low for me to push comfortably & so only gets used on holidays etc.

In a fit of enthusiasm I've just bought a Silver Cross Pop (but not Sport!) on ebay and now panicking that the handle height might be different!!!

Does anyone know what the difference is between the two models? I assumed that it was just the fabric style etc but now a bit worried...

suzie38 Sun 09-Oct-11 21:42:22

Pretty sure it's the same frame, just different fabrics...I had a regular Pop and the handle was difinetely higher than my Quest, as it was way too high for me whereas the Quest's is just bareable.

Grumpla Sun 09-Oct-11 21:48:11

PHEW!!!! Thanks smile

Sounds like we have the opposite problem really, I love my Quest for travelling etc but as am nearly 6' tall and have a dodgy back I just can't cope with the slightly stoop for more than an hour or so! I think all buggies should have adjustable handles!

suzie38 Sun 09-Oct-11 21:54:28

I'm only 5'2" plus love my handles very low so more suited for someone under 5'

Grumpla Sun 09-Oct-11 21:56:33

Yep my MiL definitely prefers it and she is teeny!

I might give it to her to have at her house in fact - she has a Quinny Zapp at the moment but has never really worked out how to fold & unfold it!

suzie38 Sun 09-Oct-11 22:11:09

Don't think she's the only one...I had a play with one at a nearly new sale and couldn't figure the last part of the fold out.

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