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The herqules has an occupant!

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Daisybell1 Sun 09-Oct-11 16:02:20

My little girl arrived 2 weeks ago and is currently snoring away in her carry cot. We've finally been out with the Herqules (terrible weather and me having a c-section having kept us inside for too long) and is amazing. Although it weighs a tonne, and is seriously wide, its an absolute dream to push, really really light.

The little occupant seems to like it too - was squalling a bit as we set off, but was fast asleep 5 minutes down the bridleway, despite it being really rocky.

I absolutely love it!

Does this make me a proper pram addict now?

pramsgalore Sun 09-Oct-11 17:01:32

congratulations smile

Tiggywunkle Sun 09-Oct-11 17:31:52

Congratulations smile
Which are you trying your daughter in next? ;)

Daisybell1 Sun 09-Oct-11 18:19:44

Thank you!

Now need to get my parents to bring over the Urban Detour, methinks, and try that round the farm....

Wonder if having had the c-section will help me get something lightweight hmm

GoodAndBluts Sun 09-Oct-11 18:21:18

Oh you definitely need something lightweight, definitely a BJCM!

pramsgalore Sun 09-Oct-11 18:28:43

yes, you will need a pushchair for shopping, one for round the farm, one for the car, one for short trips out, one for long all day trips, a light weight one, an off road tank, have i covered all angles grin
oh and a tiny one for holidays wink

Daisybell1 Mon 10-Oct-11 11:16:55

Ooh yes, I think more are definitely needed. Now OH really liked the BJCM when we saw it in the shops - will start to work on him <starts plotting in evil baddie type way>

fairimum Mon 10-Oct-11 12:14:14

def need a 'non-muddy' buggy that stays int he car for shopping trips!! We have a big 'dog walking' buggy and a smaller 'non-muddy' one for shopping! lol

Daisybell1 Mon 10-Oct-11 20:38:11

Yes, non muddy would be good, as would 'non shop demolishing'.... I went on a shopping expedition today with the Herqules and nearly flattened Clinton Cards...

thisisyesterday Mon 10-Oct-11 20:41:04

haha at shop demolishing. I used to have a double teutonia, which is as big as it is heavy. beautiful pushchair but well, not great around town if I'm honest

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